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  1. That's good to hear. Thanks again. Geforce just arived - here we go!
  2. Miquel, I forgot to ask: [1] which drivers did you use? [2] did you have the notorious 8800 AA problems? Thanks -
  3. Miquel, that's very interesting [especially since I've also ordered an E6850 as well]. Your comments are mirrored in the Guru 3d review: "...bang for bucks...one of the fastest cards to date...close to 8800 GTX performance, for a lot less money...for the end user the 8800 GTS 512mb is a small step forward in the series 8 products...you get to play around with GTX performance at a lower price...skip the 8800 GTX or Ultra, just go for either a Geforce 8800 GT 512 mb or 8800 GTS 512 mb, as these two products are where the real value is to be found."
  4. Thanks, people, for your interest - and the useful reference to Phil's blog. For what it's worth,I ordered the card from BFG on the strength of a very positive Guru 3d review. It's their OC version: Core Clock 675 MHz vs 650 MHz standard. Not much, but every little helps, and I haven't the competence or confidence to experiment with overclocking myself.
  5. I have one on order, and user opinions would be welcome...
  6. Thanks, Frank. No AA problems with fs9 or fsx??
  7. It's great that you guys have had no problems, but I must admit to being surprised. The forums have been flooded with complaints that recent Nvidia drivers screw up AA in 8800 cards, and reports that the only remedy is a third-party program, Nhancer. I wonder what drivers you use?
  8. Many thanks, Abe. I posted on three forums, but yours has been the only reply! I hope that's simply because the 2900 Pro is so new, plus being a limited edition. I'm seeking info because my current Geforce 6800GT, though fine, really needs upgrading, and my local computer shop keeps trying to flog me the Sapphire 2900 PRO, but I'm a total stranger to Radeon. The Guru 3D review is favourable but with caveats: "...consumes an extensive amount of power when gaming and it isn't the most silent card on the block ...incredible amount of bang for your bucks - if you can live with the knowledge of that power consumption and the fact that it's a noisy product." It's the power and noise questions that bug me. Incidentally, given that the same card can vary so much depending on manufacturer, do you know if Sapphire has a good reputation?
  9. You lucky people! Have a look at the Nvidia forum ...
  10. I ask because I'm on the point of getting an 8800GTS 512mb, and could do without the heap of hassles GT owners are having ...
  11. Pros and cons would be appreciated, particularly the Sapphire model.[Noise level is one important factor for me!]
  12. Since I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my 8800 GT, it's great to see so many happy owners - especially after a trawl through the Nvidia forum unearthed a heap of unhappies. One persistent complaint concerns AA activation ["AA does not work at all without the latest 8800 drivers"] and the apparent need to use Nhancer, which doesn't appeal to me. So I wonder - did any of you guys run into this problem? And I imagine Nvidia is still trying to sort out the right driver for such a new kid on the block: or has it succeeded already?PS I'd love to see those screenshots, but they've been blocked. Anywhere else I can get at them?
  13. Icarus

    Have you uninstalled FSX?

    Thanks, Reggie, for a straight answer.
  14. If so, I'd appreciate your advice. Under 'Support Alert: Files Removed on FSX Uninstall,' the fs insider site has this: "When uninstalling, users will be asked if they would like to remove their 'save game' files ...if they choose to keep them, the added files will remain in the same locations after Flight Simulator is uninstalled." OK, but when I go to uninstall, I'm presented with a dilemma. The only options are [1] Repair: uninstall all program features installed by the previous setup, and [2] Remove: remove all installed features. I click hopefully on Remove, but nobody's giving me any choices. It seems to be a straight Yes/No to removal. I could click Yes just in case the 'save game option' appears, but at that point I chicken out and seek help rather than plunge into potential disaster ...