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  1. Thanks! I obviously didn't read that bit as carefully as I should. Sorry. :blush:
  2. I'm sorry if this question has been asked. I did search the forum, but didn't find anything. After loading the cold and dark panel state (777 CLDDRK), then switching the battery ON, everything remains blank (off?). In the PMDG-777-Introduction.pdf, it says: I can turn the APU on, but until it is actually running, I see nothing at all (the VC remains cold and dark). No Displays and nothing on the CDU's. I want to use ground power until just prior to engine start (my preference), when I will turn the APU on to start them. Unfortunately, because the three CDU's remain blank, I can't access the menu to be able to connect the ground power. I have also searched through the manuals to see if I am doing something wrong, or I've missed something, but I found nothing except what it says in the PMDG-777-Introduction.pdf. Any help is appreciated. Mark
  3. I'm flying the 737-200 Base Pack (Stage II) quite a lot and I'm providing feedback with issues. I'm hoping that this leads to a better product at Stage III. If doing that isn't for you, just wait until the finished product. That's what I would do if I didn't want to be involved in the Community Involvement Program.Those who bought the 737-200 (before 6th March 2012) had to buy the 737-100, because 737-200 Expansion Model was pretty useless without it. 737-100 Exterior Model required was there in black and white on the product page for the 737-200. This isn't the case after the 6th March 2012.Mark
  4. If you buy an Exterior Model from Captain Sim, e.g. B-52 BUFF Exterior, when the B-52 Driver was released, to get your 9.99 Euro discount, you needed to purchase the B-52 Driver Upgrade.Although the Upgrade version has everything that the B-52 Driver has, you need to have the B-52 BUFF Exterior Model installed to be able to install the B-52 Driver Upgrade. This applies to every time you want to install the B-52 Driver.This following is from the page where you select to buy the 737-200 Base Pack upgrade: I think that last line, that I underlined, in the quote, should be in BOLD print so that it stands out much better so people don't discard required files.I don't think that Captain Sim quite understand the complications they have caused by switching from the 737-100 as the Base Pack to the 737-200 as the Base Pack. In my opinion, Todd has a valid point about having purchased the 737-100 (which he never wanted and now no longer needs) because he had to, just so that he could use the 737-200. How many others are in that position?For me this isn't a problem because I wanted and bought both the 737-100 and 737-200. And I always keep a backup of every downloaded file from the time of purchase onwards. I have them all backed up on CDs or DVDs. Just in case I might need them.Mark
  5. Spot on Ed! :Applause:MS Flight = I'm bored alrady, so what will I do now?
  6. You can get the Qantas (old levery), for the 737-800 WL, here: https://s3.amazonaws...GX_800WL_QF.zip (at PMDG downloads) which has Aussiie VH- VXH rego and an Aussie flag.Mark
  7. I have had this same problem for about two months. I could not figure out what was causing it. It also did not make sense that this was only affecting my PMDG 747-400X and MD-11. Even stranger that it was not affecting my PMDG 737NGX. Even after completely uninstalling and reinstalling the 747 and MD11, I still had the problem.Well. I'm pleased to say that fixing the registry fixed this strange problem. All is good again.Thanks.Mark
  8. I'm just finishing doing this now. I should have them up on Rapid share within 30 minutes. Mark Ok. It's done now, you can download it from here: https://rapidshare.com/files/1289015426/TM2_CS731_CS732_integration_v1.0.zip
  9. Thanks Peter. I pretty sure I've worked it out now. I just ignore what the ToolTip says.
  10. Thanks Bert. Just some more strange goings on - sometimes the light is ON, but the button ToolTip is displaying it as OFF (it's actually OFF). Other times it is Light OFF, but ToolTip says ON (it's actually ON). So the ToolTip is telling me the state of the mode, but the lights can sometimes be wrong and sometimes be right. I'm trusting ToolTip for now. Mark
  11. I would like to thank you for that small fix too. Mark
  12. Every time I click on either the NAV or HDG, the ALT gets turned OFF.If I click on ALT, then it's NAV or HDG that get turned OFF. Anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me? It's just that it's frustrating when it does this, because sometimes my Sidewinder FF Joystick does not get centered when released and so the plane either climbs or dives (if ALT is turned off) or banks left or right (if NAV or HDG are turned off). Other than that, I love this aircraft (as I do all my Carenado aircraft). Great job Carenado! Keep up the great work. Mark
  13. It now says (NOT FOR SALE YET) above the C337 in My Account at Carenado. LOL
  14. You can add me to this list too.
  15. 1. I think it will be a success.2. I will certainly buy it when it comes out.3. I hope it is not backwards compatible with FSX.4. The add-on developers, like PMDG, will only make it a lot better than it comes "out of the box".Mark
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