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  1. >>Time for my official silly question. Why Euros??? Business>>wise I understand. I wish I was paid in Euros....>>Been gone over a million times since we switched - couple main>reasons:>>More than half our dev team are Europeans, a majority of our>customer base is too. When we switched it meant the first>time we've raised prices in well over 10 years of business ->just the reality of the world economy right now.>>That's all I'm gonna say on it though, we don't discuss>business policy on the forum...If you don't discuss business policy, do you discuss customer service? And, if you do and it's not proper in this forum, then point me to the right direction, please.When everything is said and done, your business is us, those of us who buy your product. I think you could provide better customer service, like some of your competitors, by providing separate links based upon different currencies. That way, I'd know up front what my cost is.And, by the way, in addition to the purchase price, I had to pay an "international fee". It wasn't much, but there was another company with their hand out.Ed Taylor
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