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  1. barneycanoe

    RXP GTN 750 and GNS430 V1 in Milviz Redux 310 issue

    Thank you for your help. Dave
  2. barneycanoe

    RXP GTN 750 and GNS430 V1 in Milviz Redux 310 issue

    OK. I did have two GXX_1s instead of a one and a two. However I cannot figure out how to get them both in. Again, my GNS430 is a version 1. Here is the panel cfg. Dave
  3. barneycanoe

    RXP GTN 750 and GNS430 V1 in Milviz Redux 310 issue

    Thanks for the response. I am sure I have a 1 and a 2. With the GTN750 I really don't need the GNS430 but since I have it I thought I would try for more realism. The GNS430 works fine with the GTN750. It is just that the a/c takes a long time to load in the FSX window and although I can click on various things in the ATC window (change airports and so on), It won't take all commands. I will check the auto update simulator GPS waypoints. I think maybe I am trying to push too much in the sim. Dave
  4. I was able to get the GTN750 and the GNS430 into the Milviz 310 Redux panel, but with a huge performance hit and a penalty of no ATC response in the window, can't activate a flt plan for instance. Any ideas or is this just not workable? Dave
  5. Thank you, yes I have and it is installed and working fine 🙂 Just trying for the ultimate realism I suppose. Very happy with the airplane. Dave
  6. I was thinking of my C310 Redux.... Dave
  7. barneycanoe

    GTN 750 popup issues in Alabeo C421

    Thanks Bert. fppilot, right-clicking does not work for any of the three planes I have it installed in. Dave
  8. Sorry Stewart, I should have mentioned that I am on FSX Accel. Dave
  9. First, thanks to Bert and Ryan for their informative posts. I have got the Reality XP GTN 750 working (Finally!) in the Alabeo C421. What puzzles me is that in the C182 and the Milviz 310 Redux I used Bert's fix to be able to popup and close the GTN 750 by clicking on the left side of the bezel. However, in the C421 I can close that way but to open the popup I have to left click on the top of the bezel in the VC. I discovered this by accident after spending two or thee hours trying to figure out why two aircraft worked and the C421 didn't. Any ideas why? Dave
  10. I tried an engine failure yesterday and could only pull the prop back to the low pitch range, not further into the feather range. Visually the props did seem a bit feathered. Is this something that is not modelled in the C421 or am I missing something. Thanks Dave
  11. Ah, I did get it working with the original fsx configuration, no aero tweak or restart, ie vsync in full screen mode and no vsync in windowed mode. Interesting side note: With FSTramp in full screen, if I enable it I lose the vsync but FSTramp works in fullscreen mode. Dave
  12. I have to run with the AERO tweak, if I try without it I get flashing and random intermittent graphics in full screen mode. I have tried the fsx.cfg vsync settings under both graphics and displays and neither works for me. Dave
  13. barneycanoe

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    I have it working fullscreen but I am using DX10
  14. barneycanoe

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    Works fullscreen for me too in Win 7 64-bit