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  1. I just installed by adding the default FSX Cessna Radio Stack that includes the autopilot to my Porter PC-6C H2 (no autopilot). It show up nicely but unable to switch it on. What went wrong? What need to be done? Thanks Hash
  2. Hash

    Where can I find charts?

    Autralia and Asia
  3. Hash

    Where can I find charts?

    Yes, I am just trying to find out if there is a similar application that can be accessed during a flight from the cockpit :smile:
  4. Hash

    Where can I find charts?

    Hi Casualcas,Thank you for the info, I did have Skyvector and the other site that you recommend I believed only applied for USA and Canada. What I was trying to find out is an application that I used before in my FS9 but it was not upgraded for use in FSX. Hi fppilot,You are correct but I prefer to have the one I used in FS9 which is so handy during a flight and can be accessed from the cockpit.
  5. Hash

    Where can I find charts?

    Hi, Since I were asking a about a chart program/application so I thought this is the right place to asked as referred to the heading.........."Where can I find charts?" Hi Jim, As mentioned above I just refer to the heading topic not whether or not it's an old topic :smile:
  6. In the past there was a inflight very usefull chart from: AIRPORT'S CHART VIEWER V5.0 But it's only for FS9. Is there a same or new program that is similar to the chart mention above that work for FSX? Thanks Hash
  7. Hello Pro-Sim,Appreciate and thank you for the promt reply. Ok understood now. Yes I do hope Bob is willing to add some program to enable GF-MCP be inline with the tinmouse........On the manual yes I read in the forum on the topic but ok, again hopefully sombody will be so kind to prepare one.Thanks again.......and Happy New Year 2008Hash
  8. Hello guys,I have been using GF-MCP for quite a long time. It works well with PMDG a/c but not with TinMouse 732. Is there anybody having the same problem? What need to be done to have the GF-MCP work with TinMouse panel?And where can I find a brief but comprhensive Tinmouse manual?ThanksHashry Adijan
  9. Hash

    737 FMC setup

    Hello DAve,Thanks for the reply and input. I'll send you a pm.RegardsHash
  10. Hash

    737 FMC setup

    Hi,Can anybody help me in setting up the FMC. I tried following the tutorial but no luck. Is there any place I can go for another tutorial that specify a step by step hints with an example flight.ThanksHash
  11. Hi,I believed there were already a lot of questions on how to handle and use this autopilot. I try to understand it by reading the manual but still dont feel convenient in using it. Is there somewhere I could find a step by step manual that describe an example how to operate the AP corectly.ThanksHashhash@cbn.net.id
  12. Hash

    AIRAC destroyed FMC

    Hello Mat,Thanks for the reply.........
  13. Hash

    AIRAC destroyed FMC

    Hello,I am new with the PMDG aircraft. When setting the FMC, I found out that my 737 FMC data base is not yet updated. Where can I download the updated data? and how should I do that (where do I need to save the downloaded data). ThanksHashry Adijan
  14. Hi, I am not able to download the FS2004 version SB from Vatsim.net. Each time I tried it was directed to Avsim.net site and a sreen pops up stating Forbidden, not authorized. Any body have the experience and how to solve it. ThanksHashry
  15. Hi, I am using FS9 and would like to download the box from Vatsim.com but was referred to Avsim.net, a window pops up stating I am not authorized or forbidden to have access to the site.??Why is that what shoul I do.....Thanks.