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  1. Thank you, it is EFB2 that is making the noise.
  2. When the NGX is passing a waypoint which is programmed in the FMC , there is a beeping sound. I had this never before. I am flying with P3D v4. What can I do to stop the beeping sound passing a waypoint ? With kind regards , Remelco
  3. Movies, meals, drinks and interacting with the FA/passengers is simulated in FSPAssengers. The other options would be great. Rene
  4. For the livery of KLM800 WL isn't this working
  5. Problem with Livery. I installed the livery for klm 800WL (PMDG_737NGX_800WL_KL.ptp) but in FSX it's unable to startup. De livery for KLM900WL is working. In the livery Manager (800NGX WL) is only the PMDG House livery shown. When I do a reinstall the program said that the livery already exists. In the livery is shown by 900NGX WL both liveries KLM and PMDG.What is going wrong? Regards,Rene
  6. Alright that is the trick. Problem solved. Thank you.Rene Potter
  7. Hi,I have a problem with the EICAS."Duct Pressure Indicator" and "Cabin Altitude Indication" are not shown.Everything is shown on the EICAS except this two things. Who kows the Solution for this problem?Thanks in advanceRene Potter
  8. Hi Bryan,I forgot the light switch (shift+L). In VC only the "shift+L" combination works not the knob itself. Is that normal? cheers,Rene
  9. When I start a new flight "cold and dark" the panels of FS2Crew stay dark. Even when the plane is started up. The FMA panel is to dark to read.When I start a flight with running engines, the panels are good.What do I wrong.
  10. >since you email doesn't work, or is blocking everything i>send you, or your isp is blocking everything, i'll give you>your key here.>>i have sent you emails, from my personal email address, my>company's email address, from each of my gmail accounts. as>far as i can tell, none of them have reached you.>>i even put the email with your key, printed on paper, in an>envelope and was going to send it to you snail mail, in hopes>that it would reach you.>>please try to figure out what is going wrong on your end.>>here is the last one, sent on 7/29/7:>>Here is your Radar Contact Registration Key. Please run Radar>Contact. >At the bottom of the Radar Contact window you will see a box >labeled 'When You Receive Your Key'. Copy/Paste your key into>the white box >directly to the right of the word Key. Finally click on the>'Click Here' >button to enter your key in Radar Contact. After the key has>been validated, Radar Contact >will close. Restart Radar Contact, and begin your first>flight. >>The most frequently asked questions have been answered on our>FAQ page at the following URL: >http://www.jdtllc.com/faq.htm Please check here first, if you>have a question. >>The primary support forum will be at AVSIM, at the following>URL: >http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=135 >>Extensive effort has been spent to make the RC manual as>useful and >educational as possible. Feel free to contact Doug Thompson at>>doug@jdtllc.com for answers to those Air Traffic questions.>He'll be happy >to explain the why's of ATC and how that relates to RC. >>JDTLLC is very interested in your opinions! >>Enjoy your flight! >__________________________ >John Dekker and Doug Thompson >http://www.jdtllc.com/ >>Your Radar Contact Version 4 key is>EPHNCDLNIQJMNGGJNLOHICLIIMBEOIJO >---------------------------------------------------------------->Thank you for all your work. RC is working again. I am working to find out what is happening with my email.>>>
  11. I have also do some request for a registration key.I have always get one but now I am waiting for several weeks and get no answer.I don't know what is going wrong?But again could you sent me a key number?
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