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  1. jabjoker

    FC75 Webpage

    Thanks for the response I will have to be patient Regards Hans
  2. jabjoker

    FC75 Webpage

    If this is not the correct venue to raise this topic then I apologise for wasting your time & maybe you can point me in the right direction, I have been unable to get into the FlyingCarpet75's web page keep on getting the 403 message. We tried on someone else computer the same. Any idea what is going on. Thanking you Hans Brokke Johannesburg South Africa
  3. jabjoker

    Help needed with installing AI Traffic

    Hi There I have a slightly different problem I have just upgraded to the latest P3Dv4 version and cannot see any AI Aircraft, The AI Aircraft were in my SimObjects/Airplanes folder and the Traffic files in the Scenery/World/scenery folder. I have now moved my AI Aircraft to the a separate folder in the SimObjects folder and moved all the Traffic files to separate folder in the Main Scenery folder of P3Dv4. Then added these locations to my scenery.cfg file I also added a reference to the AIAircraft in the simobjects.cfg file. Still no success - it all worked well in the previous version of P3Dv4 Any suggestions would be appreciated Hans
  4. jabjoker

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Thank you I will download 2.6.4 & will keep on getting to grips with LINDA
  5. jabjoker

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Hi There I seem to not be able to find anything that answers the problem of having to run SPAD to enable the display At this stage I use a hybrid of FSUIPC, SPAD & LINDA Not overly impressed with LINDA Find it very complicated even after reading brian 747's document & the manual several times I am not a computer expert Regards Hans
  6. jabjoker

    Still having two problems with Linda

    Hi there I am a beginner in terms of LINDA busy implementing it, but I also had the "range check error" until I deleted my old FSUIPC4.ini file - no more messages & LINDA closes properly. The obvious drawback in this solution is that you will have to re-install all your axes. Hope this is of assistance Regards Hans
  7. Hi Jim,I did not do a re-install but managed to download quiet a few archived files last night.Obviously the gremlin has gone!I initailly thought it was my Norton Anti-virus as I disabled it, but when enabled I still managed to download files.Maybe it has soemthing to do with the poor quality of my internet provider connection.Anyway thanks for tha assisatnceHans Brokke (jabjoker)JohannesburgSouth Africa
  8. Still have the problemOnly downloads current weather no archive files.Should I re-install ActiveSky?RegardsHans Brokke (jabjoker)
  9. Hi MarkI will try different dates to see if that is the case I think you might be right since I have manage to download 4 archives previously.What I will do this weekend is try and download one or two of those again and if that works then we know that what I am looking for is obviously not in the Archive Files.Hans Brokke (Jabjoker)
  10. Yes, because it does download the current.This is what is on the lineC:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9ModulesActiveSky2004
  11. I have recently purchased ActiveSky2004.5I have browsed the forum and could not find the answer to my problem.When I download weather I have no problem downloading the current weather, but as soon as I go into the archives I end up with the error message "Invalide waether file folder. Please set a valid folder before continiuing"Please some one help, I am sure the problem is simple, since I have downloaded 1 archived file last week.