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  1. SAAAAAAMMMMMMMDDIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM!!!!!Where are you mate??????Pleeeeeeaseee say anything!!!!!Tell us how things are going..don
  2. >>re: P.S. yep >>P.S.2: What's wrong with your english?? I mean english is not>my mother tongue but to me your english seems good and is>easily understandable - so no excuses necessary ;-)Danke aber ich weiss dass ich nicht sehr gut deutsch spreche. Ich habe in einer deutsche Schule von kindergarten bis abitur studiert und ich bin viele mals in deutschland als austausschschuler beim Gastfamilien gewesses (im sommerferien)aber jetzt hab
  3. >>Maybe the competition is just too big to continue this>project? I mean there are so many guys waiting for another>airbus by another (we have to admit more famous) publisher who>is planning to release already in 1 or 2 month.>In my opinion the only chance is to release the airsimmer bus>in advance of the other one - the other way round, everybody>loving airbus might have bought the airlinerXP's bus then.>>Just my 2 cents,>Stefan BergertHi Stefan.Every day i look for an update here in this forum and of course i check the airsimmer web..... im very very very pessimist..I agree with your post but maybe Airsimmer is planning a good A320 too or why not, considering the near future Airbus addon market they are planning to develope the A330/340 instead of the A320...what do you think about?As i said log time ago... i would like to hace a new cockpit style A320....Bests and please excuse my english.Carlos Garc
  4. Hi AS Team!Something new? Last product update 10/10/06.....PLease!!!BESTSCarlos. LESO. SPAIN.
  5. >I've been checking out the AirlinerXP A320 screenshots, and>it sure looks impressive. The textures and reflections in the>VC are really nice. Anybody have an idea as to who will get>their Airbus out first- Airsimmer or AirlinerXP?I dont know but there are some considerations.Personally i will buy both the airsimmer and the airliner xp. Im waiting for a well done A320 since many years like the rest and now finally, i have the oportunity to buy two diferent addons...The reason to do so is that i think after the A320, Airsimmer and airlinerXP will develope the A330/A340. So, buying the two Addons is a good oportunity to make a decision in order to buy the Airsimmer A330 or the Airlinerxp... 2
  6. >So Carlos you're not waiting for this one??: >http://www.airlinerxp.com/From now.........YES Eirik!... many thx for the info!!!!The best is that the airline xp recreates the old cockpit style while Airsimmer is developing the new one!!! very interesting to have both the airline xp and the airsimmer in the hangar!!!Uahuuu!!!!!Bests Eirik and all.Carlos G-R.
  7. Hi Stefan!Nice to meet you!!I had the oportunity to fly a level d A320 sim at CAE in Madrid, Spain.The FWB is other history. Yoy fly with little imputs to the stick. To foloww the FD on a right turn you need only tu push a little bit to the right and maiby you have to give another imput to increase the bank angle in orther to reach the vertical bar... i mean, one imput and a maiby some corrections. The A320 will mantain the position until you push to the left one more time.The wilco a320 is much more a convencional airplane like the b757 instead of a real airbus form my point of view... but im only a flight simmer, not a real pro... :-)))"smooooth displays" ok im agree with you, but the ND is not so good.. datas a bigger than normal and in the arc mode the screen doesnt look like the real one.The PDF (specially on the A318) is not very good implemented.. you can see the sky along the corners of the screen. The MCDU is good enough but one more time it could be better.I think wilco had a very good oportunity giving us finally a very good Airbus product (actually there is no one in the market)but the truh is that we have to wait for Airsimmer and PMDG (this one in three years more or less) if we eant to have a real A320 in our hands.PLease excuse my english... Carlos.
  8. Ok mates... Wilco A320 Deluxe tested.... oh my good... thats what i heard was truh... the PSS A320 for FS2002 is still lot better... Dynamics..... very bad.. the Wilco A320 fly like a convencional airplane... the major part of the systems (what systems????) are not modelled. Everything is wrong on the wilco pack, of course from my point of view.Please Airsimmer, you are our last hope...Excuse my english please.Bests from LESO (Spain)p.d. Samdim he escrito esta peque
  9. Only one more thing Samdim...The trnaponder looks a little bit outfashion considering the other model we can see normally in a A320... http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0318210/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0318427/L/ So why this transponder? Many many thx.Carlos Spain.
  10. Oh Samdim, many thax for your answer sir!!Carlos. Spain!!
  11. I dont know how good the Wilco A320 series is, but seeing its manual i dont have good premonitions.. only 50 pages and a very poor description in general.Waiting for the Airsimmer A320. I hope it will be much better.Bests for you all.Carlos. Leso
  12. Hi all...Sorry ... let me insist again, whats about he manual? only that..not demanding new screens or news..only tell us if you plan to do an extensiv manual or what, please.. thx..And if it is posible.... what about the posibility of to check tthe METAR trhough the MCDU an to print it?And another imprtant thing... will we able to use the audio panel below the RMP? is it posible? if we can to set for example lower volumen settings for ATC sound flying on vatsim...Bests teamcarlos from spain.
  13. Hi once again from Spain!Whas happen with transponder... Is this the actual transponder config?... is not better the other panel with a keystrocke and a little digital screen?.... you prees clr and then the four digits.. life is easy!!Thx and im very excited with this product. Carlos.P.D. Manual?
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