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  1. Loyd, Thanks, this helps explain some of the questions that I had on the various settings in FSX. Terry
  2. Is there any place other than buying a after market book that will explain what each FSX setting is suppose to do for the program? I know there is a small sentence or two that comes up near the bottom left corner of the screen but that mainly states the higher the setting, the lower the performance. I would like to know what is texture, mesh, etc.Thanks,Terry
  3. ThanksSo the Mac is not the "Magic Bullet"when it comes to finding a good platform to run FSX on.Terry
  4. Will FSX run on one of these newer Macs with that updated OS? I have heard that you use to be able to run older version through some sort of emulator (sp?) but the performance was not real good. I have a pretty old P4 2.8 Ghz ATI 9800 Pro system that just does not seem to do too well with FSX, especially when SP1 is installed. I get a lot of video corruption outside the cockpit of the default aircraft.Terry
  5. I too have flashing / weird shape video (outside the cockpit) "Only" after installing SP1 in FSX on a clean install of both with no add-on programs. When I remove the SP1, the flashing goes away. I have a real old ATI 9800 Pro 128Mb video card and use the Omega drivers.Terry
  6. Where do you did you find SP2? All I have sceene is SP1 which does not work very well on my old P4-2.8 ATI 9800 pro.Terry
  7. To everyone that has responded to my initial question, thank you very much. It sure has given me something to think about when I upgrade my old P4 2.8 Intel machine with a ATI 9800Pro.Terry
  8. Who out there is running FSX on a Mac? I understand that Macs now can run Windows based programs and since they are known for use with professional graphics types such as the movies, it would seem to make sense to use them on FSX. I realize that they cost a lot more than a Windows based PC but wouldn't that all balance out by not having to update them all the time? Also fighting to get Vista to run and of course the Direct X ten which has still yet to be released.Terry
  9. The smaller Cessna did not have to cross the same line of TS as did the FedEx jet. They also could make the turn to the south just about anywhere along the route to avoid the wx without getting too far from the original course.Unless you are flying the SR-71 or similar high altitude bird, you would be wise to give the TS plenty of room. Usually a couple of hours are all it takes to either divert around or wait for the wx to pass through. It takes months and years to investigate "Preventable" accidents.Terry
  10. What about that Microsoft program that you have to have in order for the CCC to load? Terry
  11. Does anyone know if there are newer Omega Drivers out there? These are the only ones I can find and they are several months old.Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.252 (Catalyst 6.5)I really hate to have to go back to the ATI drivers with the memory hogging CCC software.Terry
  12. I have not been able to down load it either.Terry
  13. I will wait till the Non-CCC version comes out. I cannot stand the MS CCC and neither can my computer. Intel P4 2,8 with 1 gig or 3200 and ATI 9800 Pro. I have been using the Omega with the older style CP interface.Terry
  14. Thanks,I did not know MS still approaved the drivers.Terry
  15. Does anyone know if or when there will be a monthly video driver update for the ATI cards? The month of May is almost over and the last update was the 6.4s. The last Omega updates were 6.3s.Terry
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