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  1. Ben F.

    Runway distance

    Ohana operates ATR 42-500s into JHM with a runway length of 3000ft
  2. Ben F.

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42
  3. Ben F.

    Jan Kees ATR repaints

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!
  4. Oh wow thats awesome, no issues with it in v4?
  5. Great shots! What scenery? The Canal Park area looks fairly detailed.
  6. Having the same issue
  7. Ben F.

    ActiveSky Window CTRL-F11 Full Screen

    Having the same issue with the GSX window
  8. Ben F.

    Rare Visual Ry 17 Approach KMSP

    Nice shots! I've actually landed the CRJ on 17 in real life, but that was once in 8 years haha.
  9. Ben F.

    Just another Hawker shot

    Haha not much! Thanks for the paint, once again nice shot and paint!
  10. Ben F.

    Just another Hawker shot

    Great paint, plan on releasing it?
  11. Ben F.

    Just another Hawker shot

    Great shot Rich! Is that your paint?
  12. Is anyone else having a problem with the FMS freezing on the "Loading Data Base" page with the navigraph data?
  13. Ben F.

    Little American airlines action

    Nice work on the AA E175 Gary! Still planning on releasing it?
  14. Addon Manager is a joke, it has caused nothing but issues...
  15. Ben F.

    Tupolev Tu-204/214 and SSJ100?