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  1. Ohana operates ATR 42-500s into JHM with a runway length of 3000ft
  2. https://www.inibuilds.com/carenado-liveries
  3. Awesome! Looking forward to it!
  4. Great shots! What scenery? The Canal Park area looks fairly detailed.
  5. Having the same issue with the GSX window
  6. Is anyone else having a problem with the FMS freezing on the "Loading Data Base" page with the navigraph data?
  7. Hey no worries, I completely understand. Was just making sure I didn't miss it somewhere. Thanks again for the great paints!
  8. Great work on the Pacific Wings! It hasnt been released has it?
  9. Thanks Jim, the fix works perfectly! Really appreciate it! :(
  10. Jim could you also PM me the fix? It would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Ya reserve isn't a lot of fun, Mesaba was bought by Pinnacle this past summer. Though with the new contract we soon will be voting on should improve life a lot for Pinnacle and Colgan guys. Mesaba had a decent one and they built off that.

    Yeah I like being on FD and the forums offering help wherever I can. Do a lot of Beta work and consulting for FS addon groups.

  12. It's always great to have real world airline pilots around here.

  13. It's awesome to see real world airline pilots using FS. I hear they treat you guys like crap when it comes to scheduling. You guys work long hours without the proper pay. Pennicle I hear is the worst.

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