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  1. Hi Bryan.Finally i found the source of all my problems with A/P.The fspassengers addon that i use ,almost always on my flights, assigns for input autopilot altitude the A key.So i have deleted this assignment from this addon and all are perfect.Thanks again for your help ,for your patience and for this great product.One last question:what about reverse thrust during land.Must engage it?Every time i've engage it, FO never announces nothing like:reverse thrust.Thanks again.Regards.Basil.
  2. Bryan,just another question.I'm thinking to buy the 737-700 from ariane studios.Would you please tell me if the default edition of fs2crew will be compatible and operable with this product?Thanks.Basil.
  3. Hi,Bryan,hope to not be annoying to you.Just completed a perfect flight (as tuttorial 1)from KSFO to KLAX, with PMDG 737-700.I repeated step by step the tuttorial and all were gone perfect.I want to do some notes.In this flight i did some things (that i didn't in others),so i want your opinion.1.In config.page i didn't change anything(in my others flights on ATC option i selected YES ).2 I have entered SID in briefing page and finally 3.after TO at 1000 feet above runway i have pitced nose down to 10 degrees, then clicked the FLAPS button and after first flap retraction clicked A/P and all O.K.What do you think?(Tomorrow I'll do another flight,this time in Australia.I'm courious to see,what will happens.Also in this flight today i didn't used fspassengers addon.)Regards.Bill.
  4. Hi Bryan.I've just re-installed everything(PMDG 737 NG and fs2crew prof.edition)but unfortunaly i have same probem.So,i did a test:i have opened directly the B.TO/TO/A.TO page, without doing the whole any previous procedure,i did a TO ,i've pressed VNAV -LNAV and A/T on this page,and A/T engaged!!!.What do you think?Regards.Basil.
  5. Bryan, just noted that, i must press the A for 3-4 sec. in order to engage the A/P.What do you think?Thanks for your patient.(maybe to uninstall 737 Ng and fs2crew and doing a clean install?).Thanks.Basil.
  6. I'm sorry, Bryan just pressed two times the A on my keyboard and the A/P engaged.What next?Thanks.Basil.
  7. Hi Bryan.I do the test.Pressing the A on my keyboard the A/P doesn't engage.What can i do?Regards.Basil.
  8. Bryan,yes i can engage the A/P, myself pressing A on my keyboard.I have all the updates for 747.Possibly something wrong during pre TO phase?I have two questions:1.for ICAO B TO i must select both V and F or either,in departure brief page?and 2.when must press,after TO, the A/P in order the FO engage it?(i do it after pressing FLAPS the first time and after flaps retract to 1 position.I'm right?)Thanks for your patient.Basil.
  9. Bryan,i checked again Keyboard assignments,but the problem remains.FO can't engage A/P after TO.Any other suggestion?Thanks.Basil.
  10. Thank you,Bryan for your reply.Just to confirm the keyboard assignment list that i have,assign for CMD L the A and for the CMD R TAB+A.For APP CTRL+A.Is that right?or else?(I have,recently,installed PMDG 747-400).Thanks again.Regards.Basil.
  11. I'm new user of this amazing product.I'm,usually fly PMDG 737-700 NG,and to start using the fs2crew i've read manuals again and again.But i have two problems,possibly cause mine error:1.At TO phase(IVAO B-VNAV),after first flaps retraction(via VNAN)i click A/P button on take off page,but FO doesn't engage autopilot(CMD A)!!and 2.at monitored approach, after passing control to FO,he extends speedbrakes,if speed is above VM0,but he doesn't engage autopilot A and then autopilot B (as described in tuttorial 3 for monitored approach),neither arm the APP mode.!!Keyboard assignments list checked.What i'm doing wrong?Please help.Basil.
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