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  1. >I assume you actually tried 256>(>K:SIM_RATE_SET) in FSX and it didn't work...Yes, I did try that. It didn't work - but your suggestion does.Nifty solution! Thank you kindly.Cheers, Bob
  2. >did you ever find a solution? i would like to be able to do>this too.Never did. But, since it's not very important I haven't tried very hard. If someone smarter than me (everyone) has some spare time maybe they can figure out a work-around - just for fun. Hang in there! Bob
  3. In FS9 I put a click spot next to the clock that let me instantly pop back to a simulation rate of 1 - after smoking along for awhile at a higher rate.This worked: 256 (>K:SIM_RATE_SET).Unfortunately MS did not include this SET command in FSX.This is no big deal, and I can certainly live without it, but I'm curious about whether it can be done somehow. Does anyone know of a work-around that will do this trick?Cheers, Bob
  4. Nice going, Tom - Your amended code works perfectly.Jan, I got yours to work also.Much thanks to you both!Best regards, Bob
  5. Hi Tom,I'm no programmer but I played with all combinations of the "7" and "6" values and all I got was either steady blinking or just one quick flash - no combo permitted an adjustment of the flash timing. Thanks for giving this your time. Bob
  6. The gauge below begins flashing alternating red and white when the aircraft descends through the decision height (selected in a separate radar altimeter). I would like to have the flashing stop after three seconds. Can that be done? I didn't spot any solution in my search of the forum or FAQ - I hope I didn't miss something obvious!*********************************************(A:Radio height, feet) 1000 <%((A:DECISION HEIGHT, feet))%!4d! DH*******************************************Cheers, Bob
  7. This is what I use to set the elevator to the optimum position for takeoff:(A:Elevator trim position,part) 1400 (>K:ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET)Make a little button bitmap and stick it somewhere on the instrument panel.You'll need to experiment with the positioning number (the 1400 shown in the click statement) until you find the perfect spot.Hope this helps. Cheers, Bob
  8. Hello fellow sim addicts!I made this little gauge for FSX users to replace the RELOAD_PANELS button mentioned by Bill Leaming since, as he stated, it doesn't work in FSX.I find that in FSX you no longer have to "unlock" xml files (or the panel.cfg file) before you can edit them with the sim running.However, you do have to "unlock" bitmaps by clicking on this reload button BEFORE you open and alter the bitmap.You can leave files (or a bitmap) open while you work - just save all changes before going back to the sim.There, to instantly update the gauge you're working on, just click on this button.The xml file below is ready for use: (Just copy and paste) R(>K:RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT)Hope someone finds this useful. Cheers, Bob Picht
  9. This works for me:%((A:NAV1 Radial,degrees) 180 +)%!03d!Cheers, Bob
  10. Hi Steve,I checked this on my own HUD and find that the mouse click won't work when the background is RGB 0,0,0 - which of course is the background of a HUD! Ooops!However, it WILL work if you size it and position it so that the click area is over a portion of the HUD framework (perhaps adjacent to your text?).In short, you can place an invisible mouse click area anywhere on the panel EXCEPT in the sim's transparent zones (RGB 0,0,0).Hope you can somehow get this to work for you.Cheers, Bob
  11. The size tag will create a transparent gauge.Here's a sample, which I named SimRateReset.xml, which resets the sim rate to 1.0 when you click on this "invisible" gauge. Make it any size you like and put it at any handy spot on your panel.(CAREFUL! Don't forget where you put it, grin!)256 (>K:SIM_RATE_SET)Cheers, Bob
  12. That works perfectly! Thank you very much, Jan.Cheers, Bob
  13. According to Nick Pike's nifty tutorial the mouse clicks in this little gauge should work - but they don't. Am I missing some snippet of code? (I'm not a programmer.) I'll be grateful if someone can set me straight here. Regards, Bob.%((P:Simulation rate, number) d 100 >=)%{if}%!5.1f!%{else}%!5.2f!%{end}(M:Event) 'LeftSingle' (>K:SIM_RATE_INCR) (M:Event) 'RightSingle' (>K:SIM_RATE_DECR)
  14. I'm trying to use the left and right mouse buttons to operate the pitot heat switch. The left button will turn it on but the right one won't work. What am I doing wrong here? (I based this on what I was able to glean about the use of mouse events in the fs9gps file but I'm not a programmer and don't fully understand the complicated syntax.)(A:Pitot heat,bool)(M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == (>K:PITOT_HEAT_ON) 0 == and if{ 1 (K:PITOT_HEAT_OFF) (M:Event) 'RightSingle' scmp 0 == (>K:PITOT_HEAT_OFF) 0 == and if{ 1 (K:PITOT_HEAT_ON)Cheers, Bob
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