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  1. I thought you all would like this one.This is the ultimate Drag Race ...... it is between a 1000 HP Bugatti Veyron and a Jet Fighter.The two will start side by side from a standstill. The car will go 1 mile, slow down enough to turn around on a full width runway, then come back the 1 mile. The fighter will take off as quickly as possible, go straight up 1 mile, turn around and come back down to about 100' off the deck to fly parallel to the car to attempt to cross the Finish Line first. Who will win?? http://www.snotr.com/video/568
  2. Adam,Does the CTD occur with other aircraft? I have the same issue with the Wilco Airbus Vol 2 aircraft (all of them). For me, it is some combination of that aircraft and the scenery files I have installed. I wasn't really able to narrow down a specific file causing the issue but I would get the CTD in northern Canada when traveling from Europe to the US.Eric
  3. Please count me in too. The A380 is in sore need of an update. The aircraft.cfg has issues too. I'm not sure if you will update that too.Eric
  4. Thanks Scott. I asked the FSGenesis folks and they had never heard of FSGenesis causing CTDs. I'm still not 100% of that either but it may be 3 things clashing like the Wilco Airbus, the freeware mesh and some other scenery I have installed. During testing, I unchecked all my addon scenery but I still believe that unless I remove it totally from the FS9 folders, they are still read. I guess that is something I can test after I get home (I'm away for Christmas). I'm just glad that I can fly now!I think the vol 1 aircraft are still experiencing the CTD due to the VORs without DMEs though. I don't think I can do anything about that until they provide a patch.Eric
  5. I'm pleased to announce that I finally figured out what was causing my CTDs. I had the old freeware FSGenesis mesh in my SceneryWorldScenery folder. After removing all of them, I had no CTD. At this point, I'm not sure which of these files is causing the problem or all of them. Is anyone flying the Wilco Airbus vol 2 in fs9 with the payware FSGenesis? I'm not sure where I downloaded them from since it was a long time ago but all the files are prepended with dem38_. I've attached a screenshot of the files in question.Eric
  6. I've posted before about my CTD issue and the Wilco Airbus Vol 2, but unfortunately, the Feelthere team wasn't able to reproduce my CTD with the -1c version of the airbus vol 2. They don't have any third party software installed on their fs9. That is now pointing me to a possible bad scenery file. My question is, is unchecking the addon sceneries I have installed in fs9 enough? Do I need to totally uninstall them from fs9? I don't have any CTD issues with any other aircraft so I would like to start out unchecking all of them to see if that helps and then turn on a few at a time but wanted to make sure I didn't need to do anything else. To make it an accurate test, I wanted to ensure unchecking was good enough to disable their effects.Also, I've seen some posts about terrain.cfg and how some scenery files update this in some way. Does someone have any more information on this?Thanks,Eric
  7. Tom,Do you know who makes the Flight Sim Manager software you are speaking of? Where can I get a copy of that?Thanks,Eric
  8. Hi all,I recently downloaded filemon and wanted to do some playing around. I loaded FS9 and opened filemon. During loading, I received the following sequence over and over:FS9.EXE:3944 DIRECTORY C:Program Files SUCCESS FileBothDirectoryInformation: Microsoft Games 141241 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 DIRECTORY C:Program FilesMicrosoft Games SUCCESS FileBothDirectoryInformation: Flight Simulator 9 141242 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 DIRECTORY C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9 SUCCESS FileBothDirectoryInformation: scenery.cfg 141243 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 OPEN C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9 SUCCESS Options: Open Directory Access: 00100080 141244 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 DIRECTORY C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9 SUCCESS FileDirectoryInformation: fs9.exe 141245 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 LOCK C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg SUCCESS Excl: No Offset: 0 Length: -1 141246 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 QUERY INFORMATION C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg SUCCESS Length: 25196 141247 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 READ C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg SUCCESS Offset: 0 Length: 25196 141248 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 UNLOCK C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg RANGE NOT LOCKED Offset: 0 Length: -1 141249 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 CLOSE C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg SUCCESS 141250 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 OPEN C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9NOTFOUNDscenery PATH NOT FOUND Options: Open Directory Access: 00100001 141251 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 OPEN C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9NOTFOUNDscenery PATH NOT FOUND Options: Open Directory Access: 00100001 141252 7:51:41 AM FS9.EXE:3944 OPEN C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9scenery.cfg SUCCESS Options: Open Access: ReadCan anyone explain what it means when it says "RANGE NOT LOCKED" or "PATH NOT FOUND" for scenery? To me, it appears it is initializing, but I'm not sure.Eric
  9. OK, I finally figured out what the problem was. When I create my flightplans, I use FSBuild. FSBuild recommends a program called GateKeeper which will you can use to assign a specific gate. It also has 2 options on the bottomt load the flight either "default" or "cold and dark." I was using cold and dark. When I switched to default, everything worked correctly.Thanks for all your help on this. Your comments yesterday about "default" triggered that in my head this morning so I tried it. I never thought that was the issue and didn't even consider it.Eric
  10. John,I loaded the sim like the link mentions and attempted to fly a pattern from KSEA. I wasn't able to get the ILS to autotune or see the localizer or glideslope nor was I able to manually change the freqs like before. I sent a request for help into JustFlight, but haven't heard a response yet.Eric
  11. I tried a few things. I changed the 0s to 1s in the radio settings in the aircraft.cfg-still didn't work. Unidid that and then deleted all gauge files except the 2 the 757 uses. I rebooted and reloaded the flight and it still didn't work. I reloaded all my gauges and flew the default Cessna 172 and had no issues tracking the ILS. I moved flight up to KDEN runway 34L (default active runway) and no autotune. It does autotune to the VORs, but not the ILSs. I transferred to manual mode but am not able to move the frequencies on the panel. I can see the knobs moving but the numbers don't change. I can move the CRS without issue. In the past, when this occurred to me, it was an issue with the radio settings in the aircraft.cfg or a gauge conflict. Neither appears to be the issue here. When entering the ILS data into the CDU, it does recognize that the freq entered is an ILS freq and it does change the freq on the panel to match, but there is no GS or localizer showing up in the window. I checked my NavData and I do have the pssrwy.dat and I opened it in Notepad and the proper frequencies are there. I'm not sure what to try at this point. Another question I have is whether the JustFlight version 1 represents all patches made to the PSS 757? In the PSS forums, before they went down, was references to version 1.3. Maybe I don't have all the most recent files. There aren't any updates available to me on the Just Flight website and PSS only recognizes me as having the 777.Thanks for all your help so far. It gets frustrating working these details out. I can't seem to catch a break with my new aircraft. I'm also having issues with my Wilco airbuses!Eric
  12. John,I found that the ILS autotune was not checked in the setup options. I checked it and flew the test flight again. It would not autotune the ILS. I also attempted manual entry, but I was not able to modify the frequency on the nav panel. I selected MAN, and I was able to modify the course, but not the frequency. I was able to modify it in the CDU, but I never saw the localizer after switching my EFIS to approach. I also referenced the aircraft.cfg and it didn't have a standby freq set to 1 in the radio settings. For Nav.1=1, 0, 0. Should that be 1, 1, 1 like the 777?Eric
  13. I purchased the PSS 757 from JustFlight and am having issues with the aircraft tuning into the ILS approaches. According to the manual, it should autotune but I cannot get the aircraft to see the localizer either in auto or manual. It is an available option on my DEP/ARR menu (but according to the FMC Manual page 20, ILS approaches should have ILS in the name). I activate the approach but not the STAR. When I turn base, it doesn't autotune. Therefore, I switch to the manual mode, enter the ILS freq and CRS in the NAV Radio page but still see nothing. I have verified my AFCAD has the ILS in it and is properly tuned. I have also verified my AIRAC does show the same ILS freq and course. Did I miss something? Is there an issue with this aircraft that I don't have the patch for? I currently have an email out to JustFlight to determine what patch my download equates to but haven't heard back yet. I own the PSS 777 and don't have this problem. If someone else has this aircraft and could shed some light on the situation, I would appreciate it. Since the PSS forums are gone, I didn't see any other area to ask (except maybe the FS2004 forum).Thanks,Eric
  14. Tom,This may be asking a lot, but is it possible to replace the PSS subforums with solutions to problems in them? By deleting all of them, we now have no public historical track record on PSS aircraft issues that have been solved. Maybe create a "non-official" forum where it is announced that PSS doesn't officiate there anymore and just replace the old posts and lock them? I'm just throwing out ideas. It would be a shame to lose all that knowledge. I guess over time people would re-ask the same questions and others would help fill in the answers if they know them.Sincerely,Eric
  15. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=33483
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