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  1. Thanks in advance. for further info, if it helps, I think it may have to do with installing on a clean build. 747X worked fine on Vista 64, until I got an OOM. Downgraded to WinXP 32, clean build, and it then got the problem, same thing for XP64, which I'm on now. Both times clean builds but did run FSX a couple of times before installing 74x. Have FSX sp1, didn't have fsuipc installed when I did the install, but after putting it on still didn't resolve the problem. XP SP2 both times.
  2. Same problem here. Have been rebuilding and have had it on both WinXP 32 and 64. AMD4800 dual core, Geforce8800. Also tried new navadata and that did not work either. Same exact symptom.
  3. And you...even funnier.PS: Autobrake is supposed to be set to RTO, and the throttle didn't work with packs on or off. And the flaps are set, and the hydraulics, as you can see in the pic, are powered up. And none of these things, smart guy, would stop throttle from working when the engine's started and humming. Small di*k, matey?
  4. No, not rude. Arrogant.In this pic the bleeds were off, but that was after trying anything to taxi. They were ON when I initially tried, and the engines, as I've pointed out, were on at the time. The red warning message in the pic is the autopilot disengage being up.I've always watched people complain in the forums about bs and understand that 90% of the time they are doing something wrong or not looking for solutions before posting. I flew the previous fs9 version of this, fly 767 fairly regularly. To the extent of some people, no: I have a life. I also spent an entire morning looking for possible solutions before posting. But between this reply and the one below it, I am always amused at how knoweldge of one silly thing like a virtual airplane can make people so freaking arrogant and cocky. It's entirely possible I've missed a step, but the way the two of you immediately go on the offensive...well, it's just funny. So don't bother trying to help because if you can't do so like an adult then I'll figure it out myself.
  5. Thanks for the response guys.Attached you can see full throttle and engines running. Trust me, I'm not moving, no brakes, and the n1/n2 is not changing either. Been flying for a while and never come across this.
  6. All:I've paused my flight and am hoping someone can answer my question so I don't have to go through the list again. I've followed procedures to a t. Started my engines and have stablized, reaady for taxi. Forward thrust...nothing. It goes up on the screen so it's not my yoke. Have 25% n1 and 63% n2. What obvious thing am I missing here?Also, I can get clearance no problem, but as I sit on the tarmac unable to move I also lose ability to contact ATC for taxi clearance. FSX sp2 on Vista 64bit.
  7. All:Mind boggling. I've read so many posts in so many forums complaining about the support of this product that it amazes me we even buy the products any more. FeelThere points to Wilco, which is useless. To tie their pi$$ing match with Navigraph into one tight problematic bundle, I have the 777 with an updated navadata from Navigraph. When I run the AC and go into the Feelthere folder, I can see the temp file is presetn with the current timestamp, which means that the feeltherendnd.mdb database is in fact open. I start the FMC and enter the dept/arr, from KATL, enter EAONE AHN, then J208 in the VIA and ZITTO in the TO. J208 gives an error, and even ZITTO direct says not in database.I open the db in Access and see both J208 and ZITTO.What's worse, no one wants to support the product for which I have paid money. So now I have to pledge NEVER to buy ANY Wilco product and discontinue my Navigraph account because both point to the other and say, "his problem". No response via support form or email for a week from both of them.Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, and am I crazy to believe that after all the problems with the product and the utter lack of support (and its not like their giving it away!) the entire community should simply STOP buying their garbage? The idea of a simple, easy to fly model is great. I'm not asking them to be PMDG. I'm asking them to simply fulfil thier own product blurb that states that it supports routes. What good is having a 777 if I can't even get it out of the Atlanta airspace!!! Are the airways around KATL, the busiest airport in the world, not popular enough for them to include???Jim
  8. Hi:Have used the original 737 app with a previous build on my PC and FS9, with no problems. Have switched to using FS9 for commercial flights and was excited to install the level-d 767 with FS2Crew, but small problem. About 5 mins into my checklist I get a very quick blue screen and PC shutdown. Now I will say that I wanted my first flight back on the 767 to be solo, so I did not initiate any FS2Crew sequences. Could that be the problem? I immediately uninstalled and have taken a flight on the 767 with no problems, so I'm sure it was the app. Am I obligated to run Crew with each flight, even if I want to fly solo? Thanks Jim
  9. I hate posts like this becasue I'm sure the answer is obvious but I can't figure it out and can't find any related posts. Very simple: just bought it, and follow standard procedures for power on and nothing starts. External power requests seems to do nothing. Battery on, APU Start, nada. tried everything else and can't get power. What stupid thing am I missing???Thanks in advance.
  10. Good pick. It's the one thing I didn't upgrade on the PC. Installing card now and will let you know. thanks for the help.
  11. Hey:I've recevied the new version and am having really only one problem: it's freezing up the whole session, primarily when there's a voice being transmitted. It will usually get out, for example, the "Delta" part, then the first number of the flight, and then stop, 4 secs, next number, 4 secs, etc.Machine is top of the line hyperthread 2.8ghx, 2gb RAM, with 256mb video card. I have 2 10k HD's, one running FS, the other is the system drive (which also has the other programs, including RC4). Have 100% traffic set as well.Also, is there a way to turn off MS ATC? It seems to be controlling the sim traffic as well, and I did turn off the volume but it seems that RC and the default are competing over prioirty. Will try with WideFS this morning but figured I'd ask. Thanks,Jim Huk
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