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  1. I have the B777, not the B757, but I have a question regarding the programming of the FMC. Exactly how do you enter lat/lon coordinates of a flight plan?Thanks,Russell
  2. There were no apparent issues, scenery or otherwise that were noted. As soon as I made either of the two changes as mentioned the program crashed. Russell
  3. I recently installed the DVD version, I have FS2004, and the OS is XP, SP2. On a recent flight from KIAH-RJAA the program crashed while approaching RJAA. I changed the weather option during the descent from cruise altitude to transition to the approach. The option that I chose was real (current) weather-updated and immediately the program crashed.On a previous flight into ZBAA, as I selected the runway on the FMC, the program crashed as well?I did a search for CTD and didn't find anything directly related to my issues.As far as I know, I have installed all the latest updates from the justflight website for the dvd version that I have.Any assistance will be appreciated.Thank you,Russell
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