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  1. Good luck, any problems please feel free to contact me by email rmk2005@hotmail.co.uk
  2. With the Avsim file server taking some unsheduled down time ;), I got to thinking that I spend far more time adding to flightplans, AI and other bits than I actually spend "flying". I am alone in this? :-hmmm
  3. Looks like I'll be able spend using fs rather than just adding to it ;) Seems like a positive to me, though hope the outage doesn't last too long, starting to get the shakes..............Have they tried turning it off and back on again :(
  4. Hi I do the page file move, but also have moved the addon scenery and scenery folders to a different physical disc so in affect disc stripping these. The scenery.cfg file has to be altered to reflect this too. Also I found that some UK2000 extreme sceneries produce the dreaded black box if not in the same drive as the fs9.exe file so leave these where they are. Hope this helpsRegardsRen
  5. Thanks for that!!So it seems Lufthansa Cargo in the North and most others in the South. That's the picture that got me thinking too :-)
  6. THanks for replying.I'm guessing that Google Earth photo was taken some time ago when the Americans had an Air Force Base here before the Southern Cargo area as we know it today was established
  7. Hi All, Does anyone which cargo airlines use which cargo area or do they just use which ever is available?thanks in advance Ren
  8. That clears that up then, thanks very much for your quick response :-)
  9. Hi All, When I land at an airport and request "taxi to the gate", the gate I'm directed to does not take into account the parking code in the aircraft.cfg or AFCAD file. I've tried various aircraft including AI (which always parks correctly when used as AI traffic). Is this normal fs9 ATC behaviour or am I missing something :-hmmm
  10. >John states in part: "The last and most confusing>symbol is the @ sign, this is placed in front of the>arrival time to force an aircraft to arrive at an airport at a>fixed time. Most of the flight plans from MRAI, flightsim.com>and avsim.com seem to use it as standard.">>Thanks to John for all he does for us online.Thanks, that's answered that for me, so maybe by removing the @ symbol the arriving aircraft will be more spreadout rather than arriving in bunches?RegardsRen
  11. Thanks for the reply :-) The point I meant to make was that the @ isn't always used and was wondering what effect this had. ThanksRen
  12. Hi All,In some of my downloaded flightplans there is an @ symbol before the arrival time as in the example below, what does this mean?//Air Transat - Wi07/08//Airbus A310-300AC#3343,C-GFAT,1%,WEEK,IFR,1/07:50,@1/15:35,360,F,0711,CYUL,1/18:00,@1/22:15,330,F,0158,MDLR,1/23:35,@2/03:50,300,F,0159,CYUL,2/11:00,@2/14:30,340,F,0130,KFLL,2/15:50,@2/19:00,350,F,0131,CYUL,2/23:05,@2/23:55,230,F,0210,CYQB,3/00:55,@3/07:25,330,F,0210,LFPG,3/09:00,@3/16:30,300,F,0211,CYQB,3/17:30,@3/18:15,220,F,0211,CYUL,4/11:00,@4/14:55,320,F,0668,MUCM,4/16:15,@4/19:55,330,F,0669,CYUL,4/21:20,@5/01:10,320,F,0356,MUVR,5/02:25,@5/06:00,290,F,0357,CYUL,5/11:00,@5/14:05,360,F,0672,KMCO,5/15:25,@5/18:15,370,F,0673,CYUL,5/19:45,@6/00:20,360,F,0502,MMUN,6/01:40,@6/05:35,290,F,0503,CYUL,6/12:00,@6/16:35,340,F,0616,MMUN,6/18:00,@6/21:55,330,F,0617,CYUL,6/22:45,@0/03:15,340,F,0764,MKJS,0/04:35,@0/08:40,310,F,0765,CYUL,0/12:00,@0/16:35,360,F,0304,MMUN,0/17:55,@0/21:50,330,F,0305,CYUL,0/23:15,@1/06:05,350,F,0710,LFPGThanks in advanceRen
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to find Mark Lupus' DHL North American Systems flight plans that were apparently uploaded to AVSIM about June last year. Has anyone any idea where they are, I've tried numerous searches but have not been able to find them, though they are often referenced.Thanks as alwaysRen
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