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  1. Hi Will,one question - dont you have by any chance installed Jeppessen Simcharts? Because I had, and this product also copies a dll to the modules folder (i think it was simview.dll, Im not sure though) and this dll is therefore loaded with the start of the sim. Then I experienced the same error as you do, and it was strange, problems didnt start immediately after installation, but after some time. Removing the dll helped. Anyways, you might want to check it, if this is not the case, some other dll may be interfering with the PMDG 737.
  2. OK, thank you very much for your reply, I will try to find a different SID/STAR file, or at least remove the present one to enable FAJS rwys for departure.
  3. Hello,I've experienced this too, lately, and I would like to ask if there is a solution or not. In my case though, it doesnt happen during reloading a saved flight or loading saved FMC route, but when i fly from FAJS, from clean cold&dark cocpit, I load the FMC from the scratch and as soon as I type FAJS into departure arpt., FMC says "ANVOX ERROR". When i flew to FAJS, it displayed also this error, however it had no influence whatsoever on the flight performance or anything else, but as soon as the FAJS was the departure airport, FMC displayed this error, and there were NO runways for FAJS in the FMC. So this is not random individual error, if more people experience it and moreover, it doesnt seem to be linked to saved flights. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to get rid of this error?
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