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  1. Dan, I removed the 0713 and went back to 0710 as I didn't have time before my flight this a.m. to tweak. I also noticed that in FS9, FMCWP had SIDSTARS in it. I removed them, than ran 0710. I wonder if I would have just removed the SIDSTATS from FMCWP and it would have worked?? Anyhow it works with 0710, I have arrival STARS and APPROACHES in the ARRIVAL page.Thanks,Ken
  2. I too copied 0713 REV3 data from where it was installed in FS9 FMCWP to the PMDG folder. Now enroute to KORD, when pressing the DEP/ARR key on the FMC, STARS appear as NONE and APPROACHES appear as NONE. I am unable to select an approach or runway??? I did not have a problem flying into EGPK.Any ideas?Ken
  3. >Hi>>Do you know guys how can I get the flightsoft Honk kong 2004>but the downloadable version(payware) because I am from Peru>and the customs here are sucks, I checked the flightsoft page>but they only have a CD version.>>So far I'm using the kai tak scenery from Jim Vile but I can>not capture the localizer in my PMDG 747 and Can not do an>autoland on runway 31.>>Please do you know a way how can I get an autoland on runway>31 or receive a localizer signal in my Pmdg 747 for Kai Tak>scenery from Jim Vile.>>>>Regards,>>>>VictorHave a look here:http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/VHHX_...perb_simulationKen
  4. >Not positive Ken, as I don't use FS9 anymore. But it sure>would not hurt to try to modify the .exe (back up your>original) and the boot.ini changes will work for XP in>general.>>As long as you back everything up which you change, I would>definatly experiment ;)Thank you very much for your help. I'll set aside some time next week and try it out.Ken
  5. >Are you running XP w/32 bit?>>>If so, look below, or do a search for quality info on this>subject (search recent posts for '4GB'). Regardless, you will>still want to look at this issue if running VISTA.>>One of the important tweaks is via a program called 'Explorer>Suite' which allows you to change the FSX.exe file to accept>more than 2 GB of RAM (stock only uses 2 GB).>>I just installed 4 GB on XP 32 bit, XP can see 3.15 GB (my>video RAM is showing 700+ MB in use with a 512 MB card via>'Mem Status'...another plus), and FSX is set-up to use more>than 2GB. That along with a couple boot.ini switches and I am>using about 1.5-1.7 GB of RAM 'in' FSX, with about 1.5-1.7 to>spare. That is nice to see I tell'ya, as without some of these>tweaks you may not be using your 4 GB of RAM to its fullest in>FS.>>It has made a great difference on my machine. Don't expect>frame rates to increase, but expect scenery to 'lock in' much>quicker, which means many many less 'blurry' issues, and the>sim just runs much smoother all around inside FS. As FSX is>pretty darn smooth anyway, that is saying something.Yes, I'm running Windows XP SP2 32 Bit for now and eventually will hope to upgrade to Vista 64 Bit.I am still using FS9 so I can fly on-line with Squawkbox 3, will these tweaks effect FS9?Thanks,Ken
  6. Ram is so cheap lately, I couldn't resist purchasing another 2GB of ram. Is it possible to set up FS9 & FSX so they can be both run optimally with 4GB's of ram? If so, could someone be so kind and reply.Thanks,Ken
  7. >Beeing an Nvidia newbie...exactly what is and where do I find>this nHANCER ;) ?>>And yes...sure is a LevelD a/c in the pics :)You can find it here: http://www.nhancer.com/Great program, helped me in FS9 running Squawkbox 3 & FSX with my 8800GTX and the newest beta drivers.Enjoy,Ken
  8. >Yea, got it too with the 163.71 driver as well. There is a>thread subject "nHancer + 163.69" (something to that affect)>over in the Guru3d forums about this. Attached to a post in>this thread is a substitute nvapps.xml file which you throw>into your winsystem32 directy over writting the originial to>fix this issue.>>I think it was also in this same thread that I read that a new>version of nHancer is about to be released as well.>>Good luck.Al, Would it be possible to provide a link? If not which specific forum at Guru3D?Thanks,Ken
  9. >Ken,>>Do you have XP installed currently or Vista. It's much harder>to do if you have Vista first...Ryan, I have Windows XP SP2 installed.Thanks,Ken
  10. >PMDG, or anyone with the answer for that matter- how does one>turn off the FO's displays, and does this (hopefully) increase>performance further. If its in the readme, PMDG OPS or the>last few pages of posts, I'm sorry, I can't find it :(.>>Best->Carl F. Avari-Cooper BAW0225>http://online.vatsimindicators.net/980091/523.pngCarl, It's in the PMDG>Performance Tuning Window, below the "Virtual Cockpit" display rate tuning selector. You have the option to select - "Enable First Officer Displays" or not. "Some users have reported that disabling the FO displays improves the FPS of the overall simulation." See page 30 of 44 in the "Titles and Menu" PDF included in the 747400 Operating Manual. I have not disabled it myself to give you advice, but I'm confident it will work for you.Good luck,Ken
  11. Someone willing to post in the PMDG Ops area a "How to" on setting up a "Dual Boot" in Windows XP or steer me and others in the right direction where we could find one to do so. Thanks,Ken
  12. >FSX does perform better with Acceleration. If you don't want>the new content from it though, I'd recommend just waiting for>FSX SP2, which is contained in Acceleration but not yet>available as a standalone patch.Thanks for answering Ryan, much appreciated.Ken
  13. Would there be any benefit performance/hindrance wise installing the FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack prior to installing the 747X into a XP SP2 system or not?Thanks,Ken
  14. >Ryan,>>Great shots, thanks, can't wait. What operating system were>these taking in? XP or Vista? If it matters?>>Thanks,>>KenForget it, I see Ryan has been using Vista, since day one. Ken
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