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  1. Thanks Nico, I have decided to go with RT. Cheers Brian
  2. Hi All, Have been away for a while due to work related matters. During this time my subscription to RT has expired so I thought I'd give ADS-B Live a test. However when I click the ADS-B Live ICON nothing happens, no error messages, the progamme doesn't seem to do anything and PSXT is still looking for a data provider. Thanks in advance Brian
  3. Real Traffic displays the aircraft details and route information if you click on the aircraft symbol, but only on the RT display.
  4. Hi Nico, There is no line spacing in the xml. the data just flows from the one line into the next. I took one of the files and corrected the line spacing now that one is working fine. I think I will download PPG and AILG again and try again with fresh installs. I notice if I open the file with word pad the format is correct, but in notepad it's incorrect. Thanks for the assistance. I'll give feedback when I've reinstalled the programmes. Cheers Brian
  5. Hi Nico, The EIDW file sent with the first email is the one where on y system the format is all messed up. The OBBI one displays correctly on my system. I have taken the EIDW and I am correcting it with the correct format and I'll see if it works. Brian
  6. Hi Nico, I am having a problem with ParkPos Generator in the sense that the layout of the data in the files it generates are completed different the ones available on your website and to the ones I have previously generated. With the default files there are large numbers of aircraft available, albeit in the wrong places. When I create the file using PPG all the aircraft on the ground disappear. I looked at the files and found the file to be completely different. It has no structure and line spacing just a whole lot of data on a page. For some reason I am unable to attach files here to show you an example. Regards Brian
  7. Hi Nico, Can you please add the ICAO Aircraft Code E290. This represents the Embraer E190-E2 which has just started service with Wideroe. Thanks Brian
  8. Hi,I found it, thanks for the assistance.Brian
  9. Hi All,I have picked up a recent problem, last few times I have been onto Avsim. When I download a file it starts an automatic download to a "temporary folder". However this file is nowhere on my system. I then have to redownload by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As.....".Previously I could select which folder the file must go to. This "new" process is such a long process and only happens when downloading from Avsim.Can anyone help with this issue.ThanksBrian
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