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  1. I'll try and copy/paste the route type and see how things go!
  2. It cleared me up to FL240 then passing 240 it cleared me for FL430. When I asked 4,000 decrease, it cleared me for FL290 which means that it does consider FL330 the cruising level but wants me to go up to FL430 anyway (oh, and if I level off at FL330, it keeps telling me to expedite my climb to FL430)
  3. Actually I did have a look at the .pln file and didn't *find* any errors concerning altitude. I've attached a rather pesky flightplan which seems to not want to work correctly if anyone wants to take a look at it.
  4. Thanks Charlie! Hopefully I *will* find the time to do a full re-install with FSX-SE which I've purchases a year ago and haven't even downloaded yet! :)
  5. To be honest I haven't used the FSX flight planner since I sometimes fly with waypoints which I add manually in Plan-G. Also, this doesn't always happen; sometimes the same flightplan will work perfectly, other times the ATC will give a peculiar altitude.
  6. Hello everyone, Lately I've been having problems with the default ATC on my FSX-Acceleration installation. I usually use PLAN-G to make some medium distance IFR plans and fly them using freeware and payware aircraft and FSX's built in ATC. A couple of months ago on some of the flights, I would set up a flightplan for FL310-320 etc and whenever I passed 10,000 the ATC would clear me for a FL roughly 10,000 above what I had in the plan. If I asked for a lower FL the ATC would either subtract the altitude from the original filed flightplan -or- just say "FL denied". An example would be as such: A flight plan from Athens to Rome with a B732 and a requested altitude of 32,000, in which passing FL100-120 the ATC would clear me to FL420. If I asked for 10,000ft decrease it would either clear me to FL220 -or- sprew out "FL denied". Sometimes if I cancelled and reload the IFR flightplan, everthing would work fine. This is a reacurring problem which seems to be getting worse as time goes by. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I really don't want to have to reinstall FSX since I've got tons of modified aircraft! Thanks! Aris
  7. My turn to say Thank You! You've done a wonderful job, and that's followed up by your excellent support!
  8. I have a GTX650Ti and when I tried going to 344.11, I was getting bsod and frequent freezing. There seems to be alot of people having problems with the latest version (344.11), so I suggest installing the previous version with the clean install option checked.
  9. Aris

    Panel wish list

    Excellent job gentlemen! Can't thank you enough for the FSX compatibility! Here's my wish-list: 1) Would love to have a 16:10 (widescreen) version of the panels 2) Some cleaning up of the graphics with higher-res versions (aka more eye-candy!) 3) a VC cockpit would be nice, although I understand how difficult it is to make one. ...that's about it.