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  1. I did try it and it didn't make any difference. The aircraft would hardly climb, the oat was way too high and on finals the throttle could only be controlled by switching the autopilot off.
  2. No weather modifications in FSUIPC. Yes, all my hardware axis are assigned through FSUIPC, this has always worked flawlessly for me.
  3. Ah, I knew I'd forgotten something. No, not flying online. All the weather is handled by REX and ASN
  4. My last three flights all ended in disaster or near disaster. Preparations went smoothly as always, take off normal. However, the outside air temperature decreases way too slowly and the aircraft is hardly able to climb. After a very long time cruise altitude is reached (or not if the flight is a bit shorter). Outside air temperature is about -9 degrees at 35000 ft. Descent seems normal but on final the aircraft starts to behave very oddly. I get a constant "buffet alert" in the FMC, the engines will not power up, with or without auto throttle engaged or they will power up but I still get a "thrust required" warning and the aircraft is sinking alarmingly. The aircraft does not react to autopilot inputs and I can't stabilize it by hand. I've heard somewhere about the too high temperature issues but I can't find a solution. Please help ! martin bunjes Besides FSX I have FSUIPC (registered) , GSX, EZdok, Active sky next with soft clouds, a lot of hardware with SIOC running, on a client pc there's PF3,Navigraph charts, PFPX and Google earth for flight following.
  5. Ok thanks for your time, I will try that.
  6. So, what do you think ? Is a reinstall of the NGX in order ?
  7. All right, but that doesn't explain why it didn't update the ILS and course info.The change of rwy and approach should create a disco. My flightplan ended in WOODY so I added this star. The FMC warned me there was a disco, I closed it, checked the rest of the route and saw that it was a viable approach to rwy 19. This was just an example, it does that everywhere in the world where I change the rwy.
  8. No, there was no orphan segment. I checked. The plane followed the newly chosen arrival without any problems, it just doesn't show on the app ref page.
  9. I couldn't really say since you don't always switch approaches but I noticed it every time I did switch, maybe 2,3 months ?
  10. Ok, here are the results of a flight I did today : Flight : EHAM-EBBR / 20 februari 16.45 UTC FP : N0390F130 LEKK1S LEKKO N872 WOODY WODY6A Departure : rwy 24 SID : LEKK1S Arrival : rwy 25R STAR : WODY6A / transition ANT FMC programmed and arrival entered in FMC on the ground in EHAM. Airframe : Boeing 737-800 single seat, startup cold and dark On FSX computer : FSX + Acceleration, FSX borderless SIOC + IOCmodules Linda EZdok Active sky next GSX About halfway I checked the approach reference page : ILS 25R/CRS and below that : 108.90/245 Absolutely correct. I then changed on the DEP/ARR page : arr. 19 / star WODY2B / transition ANT and executed. Back to the approach reference page which now said : ILS 19/CRS (correct) and below that : 108.90/245 which should have been : 111.15 / 194 This was a flight I’ve not done recently so it’s safe to say this anomaly occurs every time I change the arrival in the FMC.
  11. Yes, the reciprocal was just an example.I change the rwy and the arrival, execute it, and the app ref page does not change to the new rwy and frequency. I'll go and fly something and let you know but it looks as if I'm the only one.
  12. Ahm, no, I've noticed it several times and i just finished testing it. It gives the wrong course and the wrong frequency. I'm definitely not confused :smile:
  13. When you enter an approach in the FMC, the approach reference page gives you the ils frequency and the approach course. So far so good. However when you change your mind (or it is changed for you) and you enter for example the reciprocal course in the arrival page, the approach reference page does not change, it is not updated to the new course and ils frequency. Does anybody have the same issue or is it just me ? Martin Bunjes
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