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  1. Hi Bjorn,What's the difference from the dutch version ? I'm sitting right now about 20 mtrs from the original (the dutch version) and for the life of me can't tell the difference :-hmmm
  2. Thanks Ron,I use Navigraph as my chart resource, BAV just gives me the flight plans that I can export to FS and PMDG. I don't think I can add any waypoints to the flight plans that I import in RC. The SIDS never give me any problems, I usually get the message to fly the published procedures and don't get any complaints when I fly the Navigraph SIDS.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Since I get my flight plans from British Airways Virtual, they don't include SIDS and STARS when I export them to FS2004 and import them into RC. Hmmm, what's this arrival NOTAMS option?
  4. Hi,I think RC is a great add-on. I have only one problem with it : I like to fly the published procedures but am unable to choose the option AIP untill I'm well into the STAR. Before that, ATC invariably starts chewing my head off because I'm straying from my flightplan.Is there a way to avoid this ?
  5. Well, maybe it's best to let the airplane recover on it's own but it's kind of frightening to lose thousands of feet and ATC screaming at you about your assigned altitude, so I would prefer not to get into this situation...:-(
  6. Hi, thanks for the input. I use Active Sky but maybe I forgot to make the proper adjustments in FS. I'm pretty sure I was at my optimum altitude according to the FMC.
  7. Hi,On my last flight from EGLL to KJFK I was happily cruising along at 36000 when I suddenly noticed the speed dropping and the airplane losing altitude with a high angle of attack. I tried a different thrust mode in the FMC but could only very slowly get the speed up again. What am I doing wrong ? I can only think that my weight maybe was too high for the altitude I was flying at. Could this be it or is there something I have overlooked ?
  8. I run a 7900 GTO 512 Mb but anti-aliasing is set to x4.I also noticed the picture of the aircraft is now missing from the "create a flight" window. I tried deleting the fs9.cfg but could not start fs9 anymore, it just crashed. So I restored the old FS9.cfg and still have the same problems as before.
  9. Hello fellow simmers,lately I've been experiencing very strange behaviour simming in windowed mode. When the cursor is over a click spot (i.e. it changes into a hand) part of the panel disappears revealing another panel underneath ! This other panel reflects a situation earlier in the flight. This only occurs in windowed and 2-D mode. It also occurs with sll my add-ons, PMDG 737 and 747, Embraer Legacy. I tried reinstalling fs9 but no luck.I hope someone out there has a suggestion.
  10. Hi Tim,Eham actually has three parallel runways 18-36. 18R (the one you were trying to land on) is about 10 years old and is not modelled in FS9. So the one you saw on your left is 18C. 18R however is included in the airac cycles, hence the confusion.regardsMartin
  11. Sorry, here's the last one: as far as I can tell it shows the connection is working fine.
  12. My pc's are connected to a router, which doubles as firewall.Port 8002 is open for both IP addresses.
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