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  1. Don't know what to do with this aircraft. I am using FSX on a machine with 8GB RAM which makes the PMDG /// run very smoothly. However, the S550 seems to eat my frames. When using the Navigraph Extension Pack my frames are in the single digit zone which means the S550 is unflyable. Disabling the Navigraph pack and putting many slides in the settings to the left brings me into the 2 digit zone which means I can at least experience some of the VNAV bugs. What am I doing wrong? Is there any hope that Carenado might issue a service pack? Grateful for any advise.
  2. Just downloaded the freeware version of RFP. Looks very good. But additional files such as the aircraft loader seem to be missing. Rapidforum is down. Is there ny other chance of downloading these files somewhere. Nothing at Avsim, it seems. Tahnks for any hint.
  3. I have A332/A333 and everything worked nicely. Since a couple of days the keystrokes for changing views do not seem to work any longer. Am talking about SHIFT+3 etc. Numpad+5 working though, as well as others like S for example. Numpad + and - no problem neither. I am aware of the clickspots and it is no major problem - but still wondering what went wrong. Any ideas?Thanks!