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  1. HiIn response to differences in voice realism between default FS and RC. I would add that my system is reasonably high spec, and get smooth FPS on all but the busiest airfields, all FS9 settings at MAX.Although I use RC4 for all flights, and will continue to do so, I agree that there more of a realistic sound to the default FS voices. Comments above about what Microsoft can do compared to the RC team are noted and accepted.But one of the things that really bugged me about default ATC was the stammering when it into busy areas. Words and phrases were ex-ex-ex-ex-extended when traffic was busy. I have NEVER heard that on RC4, the quality and speed of the speech remains constant at all times.Then there is the annoying beep on default ATC if you try and speak over someone. Fair enough if someone is actually talking, but we all know when trying to contact tower at busy airports, getting the screeching noise even though no one else is talking. As far as I tell on RC4, you press whatever key then simply wait a moment.Another gripe about default ATC is that it is very hard to follow conversations. Tower will give instructions to one aircraft, then another, before receiving acknowledgements. Before long you don't know who is talking to who. In all my flying, RC4 always operates on a instruction-direct reply basis - much more realistic!But of course the biggest advantage of RC4 is not how it is said, but what is said. I much prefer the instructions and terminology used on RC4, and that is why I will continue to use it, and in years to come buy RC5. To me that is more important than the voices used.
  2. HiI am sure that there are probably too many discussions on what we want to see on RC5; with replies with what is and what isn't possible. But Craig has given a very good list of what would make RC5 even greater than RC4, which is already 1st class!No.3 is probably my only real issue with RC4, I like to be told where to taxi. True real world pilots don't need a pink dotted line to follow, but they do receive taxi instructions. And there needs to be some sort of hold instructions when meeting paths of other aircraft.No.2 - I hadn't even thought of that, but that would be awesome! I am never quite sure with RC4, whether to call up for clearance immediately I am ready to depart, or about 5 mins (or so) earlier. In practice I tend to do the latter, so I can listen to other traffic getting ready before my aircraft is fully ready to depart, then contact ground when I am ready to taxi.No.1 and No.5 would alo be great improvements!Whatever comes with RCV5, I will be upgrading.Mark
  3. Indeed there are quite a few airlines that are not on RC, any improvement would be welcome. Although using the first letter of the airline name (e.g. Alpha 123) is got to be better than default FS ATC's just missing the word out procedure.Same goes with airport names, aircraft types and so on. Quite a few fairly large airports are spelled out with ICAO codes, rather than the name. (Although I do like the variations that occur occasionally between controllers/pilots over pronuncation differences - e.g. controller pronounces Paris as "parr-is", aircraft reads back as "parr-ee". Very nice touch, sounds realistic, not everone in real life pronounces every word the same).
  4. I note reference to the "new" MakeRunways, and the link to download the new version.Is this an improvement, or indeed any difference, to the one supplied as part of RC4?If so, should we now be using the separate MakeRunways utility, as opposed to creating new database from within RC4. Or is there a way of integrating the new program into RC4.3?RegardsMark
  5. Am I right in thinking that there is no harm in downloading and installing RC4.3, even if only using FS9?I am thinking in terms of later updates, where normally one needs the lastest previous version before downloading the upgrade. I would have thought it would easier for you to supply upgrades or patches when as many as possible are on the same version.
  6. Another option, if funds and system allow, would be to hook up a 2nd monitor, even a relatively small one would do. I use my main monitor for just the cockpit view (or spot view if I am using that); all other gauges (RC communication screen, GPS, Active Sky weather window, and when I want to show Radio or Throttle displays), are undocked and dragged across to the 2nd monitor. Without a 2nd monitor, if you have a large-ish monitor (19" or above), another way could be reduce the size of your main display area (cockpit view etc) to approx 80% of the screen. Undock and drag RC communication screen (and anything else you want) down to the empty space at the bottom of the screen. With a bit of resizing, you can get 2 or 3 guages displayed at the bottom of your screen, but off the main cockpit display. Could be a solution, and does give a "clean" aircraft display at the top.Another advantage of either of these methods, if you switch between cockpit/spot/virtual cockpit views etc, you don't lose the gauges at bottom of screen, or on monitor 2.The other solutions mentioned by others are good too - just depends what you want.
  7. >that will be tweaked in v5 with an instruction for "immediate>takeoff">Now that would be a very good improvement in v5 - I regulary hear that instruction on real-life ATC.
  8. JD4.1 installed without need for new key. 4.2 installed, new key was received VERY QUICKLY - within an hour. RC4 is now running successfully, with 4.2 version... Thanks again.Mark
  9. JDHope you had nice Christmas holdidays... received your replacement .dat file, and RC4 is working again...Just about to do the 4.1 and 4.2 upgrades, hopefully all will go OK - otherwise more requests for help will follow.Thanks for all your help so far!RegardsMark
  10. JohnCorrect, it doesn't work.I get the email code as follows :Your Radar Contact Version 4 key is GJANABKNLLHMJMMDOEBENPMPBMDGLHAG ---------------------------------------------------------------- -1666978860 ! Mark ! Battison I enter it as per the attached screen dump, the registration screen then closes. I restart RC4 and get the same message, RC4 is unregistered.Keyboard.dat file is also attached.Please note I will be away for next 3 days, however any replies/answers will be checked when I return on Tuesday.RegardsMark
  11. Thanks, received the code.However it still doesn't work, in these cases I think the only option left is to try a complete removal and reinstallation of RC4. I can only guess that it's retained part of my original RC4 installation.REgardsMark
  12. JDThanks, email requesting key resent... As you had received my earlier emails I presume I had been sending OK - the problem was that the supplied key did not work.To answer your other points :Yes, I have RC4 installed on a drive other than C - basically that is due to limited space on my c drive. So I need a new code with each update?By "shorten the process", I meant that I will need a key for 4.0. I upgrade to 4.1, and need a new key. Then again with 4.2. I didn't know if there was a way of going directly to a 4.2 key.Looking at your website, the 4.1 and 4.2 upgrades look very worthwhile, so don't want to lose the improved features.Before my Windows reinstall I used RC4 all the time. Default ATC is poor when I am used to RC4, flying just ain't the same.Thanks for your help.Mark
  13. John,Thanks received both emails this morning (GMT time), however on opening and entering the code (using copy + paste), RC4 shuts down. On re-opening, it prompts again for the code - something is not working!I also assume from the instructions that if I have RC4 installed on an second hard-drive (which I do), I will need new key codes after installing 4.1 and 4.2. This is going to be a LONG process! Anyway of shortening this procedure?RegardsMark
  14. JD.Thanks, I have been following instructions as above, but still no success. I will try again now.RegardsMark
  15. LeoAh glad to know it's not just me. Normally response comes back in a few hours, but after requesting key I have now been waiting almost 48 hours. Had to reinstall RC4 on system due to new install of Windows - and will probably have to request additional keys when I put the upgrades to 4.1 and 4.2 on.JDIf you can assist us, please advise so we can get airborne again asap. Many thanks.RegardsMark
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