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  1. Folks,I am posting this for anyone looking for information about Dirk Fassbender's Autopilot that may help them overcome the issues I initially had.I have the Autopilot working now and the 'solution' was painfully simple. A chap over at Hovercontrol responded to my inquiry and indicated that the Stabilization (STAB control) should be off initially, which was never the case for me. In my installation I was never able to turn the STAB light off so display of Flight Data wasn't occurring and the display was always blank (the STAB light needs to be turned off for flight data to display and for Autopilot functions to be selected).Anyway, for anyone interested in this beaut Helo Autopilot for FSX:I placed the 2 configuration files (AFCP.cfg and AP1.cfg) in the Flight Simulator X main directory located at:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\The 2 Gauges HAP.gau and AS532AFCP.gau simply go into the Gauges directory at:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GaugesAmend the panel.cfg for the specific Helicopter you want to install the Autopilot into, as per the readme.txt in the downloaded files. The download is located at: installation, press the STAB button to turn the yellow STAB indicator light off. If you are unable to extinguish the light then just initially select any FSX default aircraft then select the Helicopter you wish to fly. The STAB indicator control should now work (successive presses turns it on and off), so turn thatoff to start using the Autopilot.I also amended a parameter in the Panel.cfg file to reduce the size of the Autopilot panel as follows:window_size= 0.200, 0.230I changed this from 0.300 and 0.330, respectively, but change yours to suit your monitor size and preferences.The developer's Website mentions that this Autopilot doesn't like the FSX Pause button but you can get around that after pausing FSX by pressing the STAB light back on (this lets you take manual control), then press Pause to start the simulation again and once you have the Helo in the correct orientation turn the STAB light off, just re-set the Autopilot as you want it.There are further instructions on using the Autopilot at Dirk Fassbender's website located at:http://www.dirkfassbender.de/AFCP/index.htmlParts of it may apply to FS9 but it is helpful in FSX too.Paul
  2. Folks,I have downloaded and installed the Autopilot for FSX developed by Dirk Fassbender. Unfortunately, although the Annunciator appears ok there are no indications at all on the display, just a blank display? When I turn Avionics power on or off the Stab yellow indicator turns on and off and the controls animate when I click Heading increase or decrease etc but nothing displays on the Annunciator at all?Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this please?My Panel.cfg looks like this://--------------------------------------------------------[Window07]Background_color=0,0,0size_mm=300,300window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0visible=1ident=80window_size= 0.300, 0.330window_pos= 0.700, 0.360gauge00=AS532AFCP!AFCP,0,130,300,131,afcp.cfggauge01=AS532AFCP!Annunciator,0,0,300,130gauge02=HAP!HAP,193,132,8,8,ap1.cfgI have copied the AFCP.cfg and AP1.cfg files into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator XI have also copied HAP.GAU and AS532AFCP.GAU into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GaugesThank you.Paul
  3. >Hi Paul,>I wish FTX a lot of success. >But to be honnest I am a bit dubious about this product when I>see the screeenshots you qualify as outstanding.>Is FTX not supposed to be a TERRAIN enhancer?>Most of the screenshots and videos (beautiful ones BTW) show>nice skies, beautiful sunsets, view of an airliner cockpit,>calm sea and very dark night pics ... and almost nothing about>terrain textures.>I don't understand where exactly is the "Revolution" they>speak about.>But I may be wrong and I look forward to reading user's>feedback.>To say the least I wish their product is as good as their>marketing strategy.>Crykey mate, have another look at the full FTX gallery. I know they use FEX for the environment shots but it is actually the terrain I am most interested in (I use FEX and it is fantastic too). The terrain shots are phenomenal. I live in Australia and believe me, this FTX makes the terrain look just exactly how the Australian terrain really is!Paul
  4. Folks,Just letting all interested people know that Full Terrain Experience or FTX is being released at around 10Pm AEST (in Australia) or around 7:00 Am for the USA East Coast 05 March. Their forum indicates that the relevant file/s are being uploaded to the mirror servers right now (http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=1166.0;topicseen)!They refer to this program as a revolution and their screenshots are outstanding (go to http://fullterrain.com/gallery.html). Viva La Revolution. Cannot wait to download this one for FSX!Paul
  5. >For FS9 there were terrific logbook programs I like to use to>record my flights such as FS Flighttracker and FSACARS, is>there anything similar to that for FSxX yet?The chap writing, "Super Flight Planner" (for FSX) is releasing a new version in a few days time with a new Logbook feature. This planner is really excellent and being Freeware is even more admirable. Go to: http://www.cpinf.com/photo-gallery/super-f...ml?limitstart=9He is very open to adding people's suggestions and so this makes the program more diverse in terms of user wishes.Paul
  6. Digital Aviation are changing their Forum Server so I am not surprised it is currently down. They had left notification at the Forum itself and I expect it will be up again soon.Paul
  7. Gary,I hate using this comparison, but eBay has a similar rating system, 1-5 for rating sellers for different parameters and all opinions would clearly be user's personal opinions. Again, as long as outrageous comments are removed, as per the current forum situation, it would be a fantastic aid to all FS folk.Paul
  8. Tom,Fair enough mate. Although the suggestion was just a Database of user ratings, nothing particularly different from what user opinions on the forums already post, just abbreviated and quick to review. The same level of Forum moderation would surely still apply, just as it does now, so perhaps litigation would be no different from the forums themselves and I have certainly seen some strong user opinions in those?The other thing is that, often, reviews don't come out on what all users would like to see, or as quickly, or they are outdated so the database would provide a dynamic source of updated User information. If the current Reader reviews are under-utilized there must be a good reason so perhaps a new look at reviewing is in order? I don't understand all the ramifications or implementation issues, it just seemed like a great idea from Gary. Thanks for reading anyhow.Paul
  9. >Can we do this? Who can do this? And who has additional ideas>on what can keep us safe as fellow FSX'ers. Lets stick>together on this. What do you think?Gary,I think that is an absolutely excellent idea! Instead of having to search different forums, Google searches, check old, outdated reviews etc having a database of user ratings on things like, Email feedback and support, value for price, brief comments on aircraft, scenery, grudges, praise, first impressions (etc etc) would be fantastic for users. It could be a one stop, first stop, place to go and see what users are finding out, particularly for new users who havent yet learned what developers are not worth pursuing and also those that definitely are. Perhaps the database could display averaged ratings to weed out users who are never happy with anything but what a beaut source it could become. It could be brief, not pages long, but providing all the key info in one tabulated format and dynamically changing as more users input?AVSIM would most certainly seem to be the perfect venue and I wonder if this isn't something that might be considered?Great thought Gary, I completely agree with you.Paul
  10. >I respectfully hope that you can support my decision. Who>knows what the future may bring.Tim,Pieces of work (artwork really) such as you have developed, of very high quality are never obtained easily, without great dedication and time. I certainly understand your decision and although like everyone here, quality freeware is always a wonderful thing, I believe quality payware may have a greater longevity, and provide you and those concerned with a means to make it all continue to happen and improve for those that support you.I already have FEX and frankly I am completely excited to hear you are thinking of joining that great team too!Well done mate.Paul
  11. >Does anyone know if it's possible to install and run FSX on>Linux using WINE? Thank you.I dont think it is currently. I have seen mention of FS2004 using WINE (in their Database of Games listing) but I am sure that it would be fraught with issues and configuration problems. I am using VirtualBox in kubuntu (Linux) which runs Win XP exceedingly well but not with 3D Acceleration at the moment, which is essential for FSX. It was one of the reasons I bought X-Plane 8.60 when FSX was originally released and virtually unusable at that time (it works great now of course).We Linux users can hope that Virtual Machines may make this possible one day soonish?Paul
  12. >Been using SFP (beta 2)and checking it out. Was able to run>the data base and it seems to work fine.Alex has just uploaded SFP Open Beta V3 of his Super Flight Planner. I havent had a chance to use it very much as yet but the 'Overlap' feature is handy. You just hover your mouse over a bunch of Navaids and press the 'Alt' key with the left mouse button to pull up a list of all the available Navaids to chose from. He really is very active at improving this flight planner.Paul
  13. >I wish there were more>posts like this. Brings me back to the simplicity of>enjoyment. I absolutely agree with you and this post definitely has made me look again at Vancouver in FSX. I have actually been to Vancouver on 4 previous occasions (in real life that is) and it is a lovely, picturesque city! Hmmm, I am saving for FTX, GEX, PMDG, Airliner XP and Airsimmer A320 but I am off to look at Vancouver + again.Paul
  14. People,There is a great Q&A that has just been added to the FTX Website by John Venema that explains about FTX, Voz/Voz Pro, Ground Environment X etc. Go to:http://www.flightterrain.com/q&a.htmlIf you also go to their 'Downloads Page' link, you will get an idea on what regions are coming first in FTX etc. Go to:http://www.flightterrain.com/download.htmlPaul
  15. Joshua,No mate, nothing to correct at all on your part. I knew they were talking about Google Earth over on the Flight Terrain Website. The thing is, I guess I can understand why some folks may be a little confused about what is going on now, particularly with Voz (Australia). We originally had Voz for FS9 (Freeware), then Voz Pro was announced, a future payware product for FSX. There was also Voz for FSX (freeware), which has now been renamed to 'Voz Scenery X'. Voz Pro has now been replaced by FTX and GE for FSX (Ground Environment I mean here) is still a product in the works and being developed by Peter Wilding, who is also part of the FEX, FTX team.I just posted on the Voz forum, suggesting only, that maybe the applicable developers/team could clear things up, by stating what has been renamed, made defunct, happening in the future, all in one statement. GE (Ground Environment for FSX) is due for release before 2008, I believe, with the USA and Canada coming out first but I am wondering how FTX may have now affected that product too?Paul
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