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  1. Bryan will it be happening, i know your a busy man and i love the work produced when would i expect this to happen??
  2. Hi i was just wondering was there an update on this wether it works?? as i would love to use fs2crew with volume 2
  3. I tired that running in different compatablity modes, i give up
  4. I really dont know mate, we need to try and find more people having this problem and get microsoft involved or something and get them pushing the graphic card providers or something i went out and purchased track ir and satiek X52 for FS and i cant even bloody use it, im well annoyed but i cant be annoyed switching back to XP it does work with FSX but there isnt alot of addons out there yet, and my pc isnt up to specs for me to play it, i will just have to wait untill i can afford it and hope that they get a fix for this, its pathetic tbh a new flight simulator and this 1 is banished already if it isnt the case it looks that way, i have searched around everywhere and there just isnt a fix for it, so good luck if you ever find something or ATI or Nvidia pull the finger out and fix this im sure i will see you in FSX lol
  5. Hi your not the only one having problems, i have the exact same problem only i have a ATI X1950 XTX 512mb latest drivers installed dont know what it is FSX runs perfect but when i load FS2004 on vista and click any of the menu flashes black or if i open a module it just stays black and you can see the mouse pointer, i cant be assed moving back to XP i think i will just hang untill this is sorted
  6. Hi the product is great im having 1 problem, when i get to around 15+ on dep time, i have squawkbox running, its werid its like none of my keys work and i cant access the FS menu or do anything with my keyboard the game hasnt froze or anything and i can do alt+tab back to desktop and works and i can type to someone on vatsim in squawkbox but i cant do anything else none of the keys work can anyone help, i havnt ammended any keys at all in FS
  7. Hi guys, i have PMDG 747 and 737NG 747 runs well and great plane, when im on the ground in 737NG the ground textures change from black to normal and then black to normal anything causing this i looked around and apartently it isnt a pmdg issue it could be memory i have a good computer, and 747 runs fine
  8. Hi Guys ive been playing PMDG and FS2Crew for ages and today when i load a flight and do flight planning when i click on a checlist and hit my main button nothing happens, my assignment is set up for both i dont understand whats wrong, i installed Ultimate Terrain USA today and UK2000 Heathrow Pro but these are scenery addons and everything else works, i hear all the sounds from FS2Crew, just this problem, i even tried using a keyboard assignment and that didnt work, any ideas??
  9. Yes ive been flying for over 5 years, it basically stays at 86% in the throttle part and there is no possible way of moving it further it goes up and then fixes itself back again
  10. Hi guys when im flying 747-400 the throttle is only 86% and cant move any higher this is causing flying problems any idea why this is??
  11. Hi guys where can i download these to addon my 747??? any suggestions
  12. Sound, where is the autland located??
  13. Hi i was thinking of buying, is there a autoland feature????
  14. okall i have purchased is FSCREW, so i need to buy the other 1 for it to work?? if so i never seen it stated and what features is there in fscrew that isnt in the 1st package, please state because im confused now
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