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  1. >"The first number after "light" is the type: beacon, strobe,>nav, etc.>The second number (in this example 0.90) is front and back or>fore and aft. Lower value moves light towards nose, higher>towards tail.">>> That's not quite correct. The light positions are with>respect to the reference datum of the plane. Positive values>are forward of the RD, negative values aft of the RD. The>second and third numbers are the left/right values and the>up/down values with respect to the RD. For most FS planes the>RD is near the center of the plane, but there are a few out>there with the RD on the nose; PMDG comes to mind.>>> Mike>>Hi Mike,Thank you for that additional information. I'm not really that clear on how it all works and you're right, some models will be different. With some trial and error, I've been able to modify, add and/or move some lights on the planes I have, mostly Dreamwings, Posky and ifdg jets..Appreciate your input on this!Thanks,Steve
  2. Hi Ed,I have played with the lights on many of my aircraft - replaced some of the default strobes and nav lights with some brighter versions that look better to me. I cannot provide you with the specific coordinates you are looking for for your B777, but with some trial and error, you should be able to position lights on this or any other aircraft that you would like to modify.In your aircraft folder open the CFG and find the "Lights" section that will look something like this:[LIGHTS]//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpitlight.0 = 3, 0.90, -32.00, 2.90, NAV_redS ,light.1 = 3, 0.90, 32.00, 2.90, NAV_greenS ,The first number after "light" is the type: beacon, strobe, nav, etc.The second number (in this example 0.90) is front and back or fore and aft. Lower value moves light towards nose, higher towards tail.The third number, lower value towards fuselage, higher towards wing tip and the fourth number (2.90 above) is up and down. Less moves light lower, more moves it higher. The last notation is the fx file of the actual "light" you are using that is probably in your Effects folder.Save your changes in the CFG, then you'll have to select another livery of the same aircraft and load that to see your changes. Note that on planes with flexing wings, you might want to set the light locations (if you're adding lights) when airborne as on some models the wings move, but the lights you place will not.I do not know how to move lights exactly where they should be the first time and this often takes quite a few tries adjusting numbers up and down to get them placed properly. Hope that helps some. Steve
  3. I also had antialiasing problems no matter what my card settings when we switched from ATI to Nvidia GeForce. Someone somewhere posted a suggestion to click ON antialiasing in FS. I did and it worked for me. Jaggies and shimmering textures are gone. Try that if you haven't already.Steve
  4. >No problem, The settings for 16 and 32 bit appear in the same>location. It's part of the resolution eg. 1024X768X16 where>16 is 16-bit and 1024X768X32 where 32 is 32-bit.>>Regards,>Jim KarnJim - and others who replied to my question - THANK YOU.I had the disply resolution set to 1280x1024x16. Changed to 1280x1024x32 and it's beautiful again. Guess I never paid attention to the 16/32 on those settings. I've learned something new thanks to your kind attention! I appreciate your help with this - so simple and I missed it completely.Steve
  5. Hi Jim,Thank you. I have FS9. Sorry, should have mentioned that.Steve
  6. >Are you using 32bit color or 16bit?Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. Monitor display is set at 32bit. The Nvidia control panel Color Quality slider is to the right - Highest (32bit) Refresh rate is 75hz.I have 1280x1024 resolution set on monitor and FS if that makes any difference.Is there another place to check for 32bit color setting?Thank you.Steve
  7. First, I want to thank everyone that contributes to these forums. I've learned a lot, but have a ways to go....Our video card went bad and was just replaced with GEFORCE 7600GS card. I have found suggestions for settings in this forum and to me, everything looks great (better) so far, except now I have a rainbow or water color effect in aircraft landing lights. Also, clouds are not rendering properly and I'm seeing the color effect there as well.I'm guessing it may be a setting issue and can hopefully be easily resolved. I have tried different combinations, but no luck so far. If anyone can help me, it would be very much appreciated!Thank you.SteveNvidia settings:Anistropic 16Antialiasing - Gamma - On / Setting 8XS / SupersamplingForce Mipmaps - TrilinearTexture Filtering - ClampTexture Quality - High QualityTriple Buffering - Off By the way... after installing this card and messing around with the settings, I could not get rid of jagged edges on my aircraft and shimmering taxi lines and distant scenery. Found a post by "Apollo" that suggested checking ON antialiasing in FS - never would have tried that as most seem to advise against it - BUT... BAM - AA checked on in FS cured my shimmers and jaggies.?!?Thanks for reading and for any suggestions with the color issue.
  8. I found a similar question with an answer that worked.Thank you.
  9. Hello Panel Experts I just installed Uwe Ingber's beautiful Embraer 170 panel. It looks great and I'm happy with it.. except, when using the left or right views, the wings are visible right outside my window as if they're sticking out of the cockpit. Haven't seen this before. What have I done wrong? Is there a way in the config file of the panel or the aircraft to move the wings back where they should be? Thank you for your help.Steve
  10. >I would really suggest either investing in Flight Environment>which will greatly enhance your water as well as your>sky/clouds, or if you prefer freeware try the water>enhancements by Bill and Lynn Lyons e.g. waterzone.zip here at>AVSIM.Thank you for the tip! I installed waterzone as you suggested... looks great and my cloud issue has cleared up. Appreciate your assistance! - Steve
  11. I've installed Real Environment Pro and am very happy with the effects and enhancements... except for these funky, spiky cloud reflections that appear for me at certain altitudes/angles over any body of water. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this, delete the effect or adjust a setting?Although I've spent a lot of time reading and learning here - this is my first post - thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience! - Steve
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