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  1. Hi JayYou are spot-on. It was indeed the joystick.Have turned off overrides but the problem is when flying in PMDG 747-400 the joystick loses its calibration on the Y axis and I have to recalibrate. It does not do this in any other program.I am using a CH F-16 Combat Stick analog at the moment but will be getting the USB version shortly so all should be OK.Thanks for identifying the problem, it was driving me nutsRegardsKen
  2. When in cruise and sometimes on approach Autopilot disengages with a message and I have to click on cmd1 to engage it again. This works but later on it happens again. This has just started recently.It happens in Vnav mode and even when this mode is turned off.I have cheched my FMC and all is the same as I have always had. I did a "repair" from add/remove but it still persists. Very frustrating as I have to keep watching!Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ken Fairbanks
  3. After a few tests I have also ruled out DEP. I have AVG and did a complete scan also have tried starting proram with AVG off. No result.Do you think spyware could stop a program from starting? I used to Have Spybot on my old computer. Would it be worth trying this?Thanks for replying.Ken
  4. Have installed RCV4.2 (6 times now) and it won't start from the Start menu or by double-clicking the .exe file directly.It seems to try to start momentarily and stops..then nothing No error message.I am using XP Home SP2. As an experiment I installed it on my old computer running Win 98 and I had no problem starting the program.A previous poster #20026 - May 30th 2006, mark667 had the same problem exactly. It is almost as if SP2's Data Execution Prevention is operating but I have turned this off. No difference.Hoping someone has some ideas as I am very frustrated.Regards Ken
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