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  1. So I do. Now I have their Falcon 50 and Learjet 35 A (bought full price months ago without regrets). Recently with the 40% off discount the Cessna 441 and Mitsibishi MU-2-60 ! With a RealityXP GTN or GNS gauges it's another level ! I think this add-ons deserve more attention from simmers. I prefer my Flysimware aircraft even if they don't have the best textures set (The Falcon 50 apart very nice) or eye candy than others (no name here) but with no systems at all. Thanks Flysimware !
  2. I bought the Cessna 441 Conquest II and yes maybe it doesn't the "eye candy" of a Carenado or an Alabeo but to me the systems are way more realistic. I already have the Falcon 50 and the Learjet 35A. Combined with the RealityXP GTN 750/650 or GNS 530/430 it's a real pleasure to fly ! And for this price. Don't know what to do with the MU-2 ? Buy it ? Not ? 😄
  3. I would like to buy but when I watch the pictures, they look so old fashionned or for FS2004. So don't know what to do.
  4. If you have LFPO Orly from JetStream Design, may be you tick the option to deactivate the AI in LFPG CDG ? Check that. And to LH340Fan, I'd like to know wich OrbX files do yo change.
  5. Aaaaaannnd it works ! Thanks for the help. The RXP GTN and GNS gauges are very amazing and very FPS friendly. Philippe Mendes
  6. Thanks Bert. Always very helpfull. Philippe Mendes
  7. Sorry to be late but you say to manually edit the panel.cfg. With what ? It's not clear. Thanks ! Philippe Mendes
  8. Hello Bert. My email is nismogtr.philippe@gmail.com 

    I really appreciate your help. 


    Thanks from France !

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Sent you something to try..

  9. Thanks a lot Bert ! Just I don't know how to send you a PM 😢
  10. Hello all ! Just bought the GNS530W v2 for Prepar3D v4.5 HF2 and try to install on my RealAir Duke B60 pistons model. The pop up is OK but no success with the virtual cockpit. I thinked it was automatic because on the RealAir Duke Config Panel "Panel Options" we have the choice of RXP530 and 430. In my case I can't select this option, is like the config panel don't know about the installed gauges. Thanks for the help !
  11. Same here. No taxi nor landing lights visible.
  12. Thanks a lot ! I'll do it and tell you if it's ok or not. Philippe M Edit: It's working ! Thanks for your help BillS511, Appreciate. Philippe Mendes
  13. Hello. I have a question about the RXP GTN750 and 650 for the RealAir Turbine Duke v2 (Prepar3D v4.4 version). Is it possible to use both 750 and 650 ? The mod is for just the 750 and I thinking to buy the 650 also. Thanks Philippe M
  14. Thanks for the help. For the REX weather Radar, it's the up to date version. I bought today the Reality XP, amazing addon for the Falcon 50 and Learjet, and update the Falcon 50 in 1.7B. Same message, also with the Learjet. Is it because the .air file is on "read only" file ?
  15. Hello. Every time I choose the Falcon 50 I have this strange message. I don't know what to do to remove it. I'm on Prepar3D v4.4 and version 1.7 beta of the Falcon 50. Thanks !
  16. Hello. I received 1 hour ago an email from Simmarket to inform me about an update of the Maddog. So I download it BUT the name of the file is "Install_Fly_The_Maddog_X_64bit_edition_1.0.3.exe" not 1.04 ? Edit: redownload it again and now it's 1.04
  17. Agree, very useful option. When you have to manage the kids !
  18. As Topcat, same developper. I bought Topcat and PFPX day one. I use more PFPX than Topcat (Because no more evolution) but I'll have a look to Simbrief. It's a shame for an author to disappear like he does. May be Aerosoft can and will do something ?
  19. I Bought the Learjet 2 days ago on sales and I'm very happy with it ! And with the reduce price it's a very good add on. Now I'm thinking to buy the Flysimware MU-2. Yes I know, the textures are not the best but I can live with that.
  20. Hello.Try this : squareSMOKESYSTEMsquare//smoke.0 = 0.00, -20.5, 0.00, fx_pmdg744_cockpit, // originalsmoke.0 = -18.030, -107.5, -53.3, Opensky_revspray // addsmoke.1 = -18.030, -76.0, -30.0, Opensky_revspray // addsmoke.2 = -18.030, -76.0, 30.0, Opensky_revspray // addsmoke.3 = -18.030, -107.5, 53.3, Opensky_revspray // addIt's important to have only one "smoke line" per engine, if you don't put the "//" before the first smoke line (PMDG original) you will have the effects only on the other three engines.Philippe M
  21. Hello.I have uninstalled all my payware aircrafts, Ultimate traffic, FS Passengers, FS recorder and Fs2Crew,reinstalled them in the order. The patch I used for the Level-D is the full SP3 version, and without the Ultimate Traffic, Fs Passengers and Fs recoder that works. I saved the gauges and modules folders and will reinstall the others.ThanksPhilippe M
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