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  1. I have only read negative comments on the HS748. I used to fly PMDG and similar and would take an hour to get off the ground. I have returned to older aircraft that do not have an FMC etc. as I now prefer archaic navigation and autopilots. For me this offering is absolutely fine. I have not flown it enough to discover any faults yet. The VC may not be photographic but it is very clear and functional. I would have thought that ordinary simmer who likes vintage craft would find this a worthy purchase. Best wishes, Peter
  2. This one works fine in FSX SE. http://www.cbfsim.co.uk/cbfs_lib/thumbnails.php?album=18http://www.cbfsim.co.uk/cbfs_lib/thumbnails.php?album=18. This link is in the Mutleys Hanger comprehensive review. Best wishes, Peter
  3. Thank you George. Did not realise there is that facility. Will try it.Peter
  4. I have been trying to re-install 747 400F because my manuals were not updated. I have completely removed all traces of 747 400F but on trying to re-install still get the message -"Feature transfer errorFeature: PMDG 747-400 SimulationComponent:File:Error: Catastrophic failure "The installer then closes. Can anyone help?(Windows Defender has been removed.)Best wishesPeter Chambers
  5. Have installed 747 400Freight three times but manuals do not update. I have no chapter thirteen for instance. I have looked everywhere for them in my PC and on the PMDG website. Can anybody help, please? Am I doing something wrong or is my download faulty? Best wishesPeter Chambers
  6. Dear PhillipeYou are a geniusYou have made my Christmas even better!The hotfix works and my 747 can flyThank you so muchPeter Chambers
  7. Merry Christmas All,re PMDG 747 400 CDWhen I load the cd the first screen says "Install PMDG 747-400".When I click on this I get a message "setup.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close......." "Please tell Microsoft about this problem."I have tried to load the program several times on both my laptop and desktop both of which have FS9 installed.On another desktop that does not have FS9 installed the Install Shield Wizard appears after clicking "Install PMDG 747-400" on the first screen.This has not happened with any of my many other FS add-on products.(I have PMDG 737 series installed, in case this makes a difference.)Please can you tell me how to resolve this problem? Best wishesPeter Chambers
  8. Sorry - have solved problem. It was to do with "Airliner Pilot". Re-installed Airliner Pilot and the Dash 8 from PSS and all was well.Peter
  9. Q300. Only by pasting texture files into two additional places would Q300 load and the 2d cockpit is the Right Hand Side only. Is this right? - it is not advertised or mentioned anywhere. The FMC will not pop up and seems inoperable. The 3d panel has no gauges. What do I need to do?The straight 300 is wonderful and everything works as it should. No flap sound though - is this normal? Am enjoying the 300 very much.Any help would be appreciated. My laptop is only AMD 1800, 512 ram, Radeon 9000.Thanks, Peter
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