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  1. Thanks for suggestion. Maybe that is causing my problem with plan-G. Getting all the info from the simulator but chart background is BLUE. Have used this software now for years and never a prob. with it. This blue map screen only started a week or so ago. Tried on another PC but same thing. Looks like will be trying another moving map software cheers Richard
  2. Hi Simmers from the land Down Under

  3. G'dayCan anyone tell me whether a FSX compatibility upgrade to the Cessna 172R (FS9) from Flight1 is available at the moment. Maybe I missed details about that in either Forums or news/reviews about it. Can't find stuff on the Flight1's website. The support section of this particular plane has no news about any upgrades. I know that people who downloaded the software for FS9 can download the plane again for FSX with the same purchase KEY, but I purchased the CD-Rom version. A compatibility version for CD owners was coming up according to Flight1, but that was a few months ago.Thanks and regardsRichard
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