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  1. pontiac51

    POSKY 742v4 + RFPv2 Merge (200+200F JT9D)

    So here it is again. The 2 cfg's for the B747-200 and the B747-200F.B747 RFP2 POSKY4 merge
  2. pontiac51

    POSKY 742v4 + RFPv2 Merge (200+200F JT9D)

    @G.Franco: Of course everything works, its still the RFP plane, just with the Opensky graphics.@YMA002: The system for conversion i presented may work on this too. If the planes are very similar in dimensions.@All: Ill try to find the files and upload them again.
  3. pontiac51

    POSKY 742v4 + RFPv2 Merge (200+200F JT9D)

    I repacked the two aircraft configs for the CARGO and PAX version. There were some slight inaccuracies with the contact points, now everything is just like in the original POSKY model.
  4. Since i couldnt find any specific guide, ill come up with my own on how to merge the Project Opensky B747-200 with the Ready for Pushback B747-200.What we want to achieve is to keep as much stuff from the RFP Boeing, while changing all the outward things to Project Openskys wonderfull model. I'll tried this on 2 Boeings from the RFP pack, one was the EL AL PAX model, the other the JAL Cargo model. Both these models have JT9D engines. They both work now even with the Project Opensky aux panel.First you'll need a fresh install of a Project Opensky B747-200 with all the current updates. So install the plane for EL AL and JAL (os742_v4_ely_4xaxh.zip and os742_v4_jal_ja8161.zip from AVSIM) and then apply the SP3A (OS742_V4A_JT9D_MDL_SP3A for PAX and OS742SF_V4A_JT9D_MDL_SP3A for CARGO). Then apply the FDE update V9.7D from Project Opensky (we need that ainly for the effects, we'll use the AIR file from the RFP).Ok, so you got your Project Opensky ready. Let's get the parts from RFP. First copy the *.mdl file (pax.mdl or freighter.mdl) from the VMAX aircraft directory (like VMAX-EL AL) to the POSKY directory. DON'T copy the *.cfg, only the *.mdl. Do the same for the 'panel' and 'sound' folder.Now, rename the aircraft.cfg in the POSKY folder. Then copy the files from the root folder of the VMAX aircraft folder (*.txt, *.cfg and *.air) to the POSKY folder. Be carefull NOT to overwrite the aircraft.cfg.Now open the RFP aircraft.cfg and insert the following parts from the POSKY aircraft.cfg (you have renamed it, haven't you?) overwriting the entries.lightssmokesystemeffectscontact_pointsflapsgeneralenginedataYou sould also copy the right parts from the 'exits' chapter according to your aircraft or otherwise the doors won't work.Also copy the 'texture=' entry from the POSK *.cfg to the RFP *.cfg.And now for the tricky stuff. This is the most important thing, otherwise you will end up with an aircraft that's not flying. Since the RFP model has an reference point of 0,0,0 and the POSKY has one of -97,0,0, all 3D Coordinates are now wrong at exactly that value. Therefor you have to ADD 97 to all longitude values of the model. This has to be done for the following. lightsgeneralenginedatacontact_pointssmokesystemEXAMPLE: In the RFP plane contact point for the nose gear looks like this (minus the >>> <<<, thats just to mark it):point.0=1, >>> 66.8 <<<, 0.0, -17.4, 1574.8, 0.000000, 5.826899, 70.0 ,0.800000, 2.500000, 0.900000, 14.000000, 14.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000In the POSKY plane its like that:point.0 = 1.000, >>> -20.333 <<<, 0.000, -13.833, 5181.102, 0.000, 2.042, 70.000, 0.300, 0.500, 0.880, 11.000, 11.000, 0.000, 240.000, 280.000 // Nose GearNow the models form RFP and POSKY arent the same considering size, but also the CG and reference point are different. We don't change that from the RFP, cause we still want to be able to use the cargo and fuel loaders. So we have to change the appearance for the plane to work.In fact, you have to edit every value for every contact point, light, engine data etc. This will only affect appearance, not performance.EXAMPLE:After we have copied the POSKY contact points, it looks like that:point.0 = 1.000, >>> -20.333 <<<, 0.000, -13.833, 5181.102, 0.000, 2.042, 70.000, 0.300, 0.500, 0.880, 11.000, 11.000, 0.000, 240.000, 280.000 // Nose GearFor the model to work, we have to change it to that (we add 97):point.0 = 1.000, >>> 77.333 <<<, 0.000, -13.833, 5181.102, 0.000, 2.042, 70.000, 0.300, 0.500, 0.880, 11.000, 11.000, 0.000, 240.000, 280.000 // Nose GearEXAMPLE:For a light it looks like this in POSKY:light.4 = 3, >>> -219.700 <<<, -0.250, 12.300, Opensky_nav_yellow ,We change that:light.4 = 3, >>> -122.700 <<<, -0.250, 12.300, Opensky_nav_yellow ,I'll attach my 2 aircraft.cfgs for the EL AL PAX and the JAL Cargo model.POSKY Utility Panel:If you want to use that, you have to copy all the files from the VMAX panel folder to your POSKY panel folder. Then edit the panel.cfg and replace the standard GPS with the POSKY utility panel (Window03). Youre flying with CIVA INS, so who needs GPS? Now you can open the POSKY panel with a click on the GPS button in the main panel or use SHIFT+4 on the outside.
  5. pontiac51

    Panel wish list

    Found 2 things:[*]The sqawk reminder on the bottom of the upper radio panel has overlapping clickspots. If you change the first number, it can happen you also change the third.[*]Please don't forget to fix the DME for DME VORs.A wish would be to have a groundhandling gauge or the panel prepared for one (like groundhandling v4).I love the mouse! Really one of the great ones, even better then most of the payware. Great work and i say that as a not Boeing fan. ;-)
  6. pontiac51

    Panel wish list

    Overall i like the 'oldness' of the TinmouseII very much. The panel really feels like it has been used for quite a time. So my wishes for the panel are only cosmetic and not for the logic behind it, cause i find the aircraft and panel to be really good.* The pressurization gauges are quite hard to read, at least on 1280x1024. Also some writings on lamps in the overhead panel look blurred.* A place to include the ADEU reader for the CIVA INS.* During my flight i often opened the wrong panel via the simicons. Maybe ordering them top-down would help?Apart from that, i'm very happy with the TinmouseII. Thanks!
  7. pontiac51

    Login to PSS

    i have the very same problem, the activation mail never gets to me. it says the account is there, and yes im sure the email is correct, cause i just registered her and it worked.mail to the support forum was sent a few hours ago, this post here is just for your information.