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  1. Found 2 things:[*]The sqawk reminder on the bottom of the upper radio panel has overlapping clickspots. If you change the first number, it can happen you also change the third.[*]Please don't forget to fix the DME for DME VORs.A wish would be to have a groundhandling gauge or the panel prepared for one (like groundhandling v4).I love the mouse! Really one of the great ones, even better then most of the payware. Great work and i say that as a not Boeing fan. ;-)
  2. Overall i like the 'oldness' of the TinmouseII very much. The panel really feels like it has been used for quite a time. So my wishes for the panel are only cosmetic and not for the logic behind it, cause i find the aircraft and panel to be really good.* The pressurization gauges are quite hard to read, at least on 1280x1024. Also some writings on lamps in the overhead panel look blurred.* A place to include the ADEU reader for the CIVA INS.* During my flight i often opened the wrong panel via the simicons. Maybe ordering them top-down would help?Apart from that, i'm very happy with the TinmouseII. Thanks!
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    i have the very same problem, the activation mail never gets to me. it says the account is there, and yes im sure the email is correct, cause i just registered her and it worked.mail to the support forum was sent a few hours ago, this post here is just for your information.
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