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  1. I've had some success using the BAC-1-11 in P3D v5.2. This is the version of the aircraft which years ago was updated to FSX. All I did was to transfer two files - the BAC-1-11 and the DMS shared file folders to P3D/simobjects/airplanes. I have not found any show stoppers beyond the fact that I forget how some things operate so flights have become a refresher course in how not to get virtually killed. I use it VR and the cockpit does not show all that clearly but it is easily usable. Warren
  2. Hi again all Think its fixed. I was able to re-download my aircraft and in starting the initial part of the install a new ACE with the appropriate .exe must have also been added. Not exactly sure how it all worked but I have ACE functioning again at least until McAfee has at it again. Thanks for the help Warren
  3. Thanks I want to try that but have apparently exceeded my quota of activations - have asked for some sort of extension but have heard nothing so far. Warren
  4. Hi all Apologies if I should have posted this elsewhere but I could not find any forum (aside from Captain Sim) more suitable. I recently switched to P3D v5.2 and have discovered that the Captain Sim ACE will no longer open. I have ACE set as an exclusion in my McAfee antivirus but it makes no difference (had previously solved the problem). I've also tried to activate ACE with McAfee turned off but no joy there either. Just wondering if anyone else may have experienced this and found a workaround. I did post at the Captain Sim forum but have received no reply thus far. Thanks in advance Warren
  5. Hi all I ran the appropriate test for the lclookup.bgl and this may have solved the problem. I must have messed up the first time I tried this but for now everything looks good at least where I am currently flying. Not completely confident yet - I'll try some other areas but everything seems okay at this point. Thanks to everyone Warren
  6. Hi Thanks. I believe I have attempted both fixes but will go back and try again. Perhaps I missed something. Warren
  7. Hi all I seem to have an ongoing issue with what appears to be one Orbx folder. In several areas of P3Dv5.2 + newest hotfix I see large squares showing mismatched scenery including what appears to be night textures during the day. I have followed most recommendations from the various forums including Orbx and have been able to solve localized issues by changing the scenery priorities in my library - referring to a third party add-on for the Bahamas which now displays fine as far as I know after being placed at the top of the library. Recently I have been flying over Cuba and have found the same issue - this time without resolution. The only fix I have found so far is to disable the following Orbx folder - ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 So far I have deleted shaders, followed instructions posted on Orbx, verified every Orbx addon folder, synced Orbx with the sim and attempted to move the Orbx Library up and down my scenery priorities - no success with any of these steps. Hoping that someone else may have experienced the same issue and found a workable fix. I will be posting at Orbx as well but this forum is much more active in my opinion. Thanks Warren
  8. I had the same problem to the extent that the airplane was not flyable. In my case an external shot revealed that the elevator suddenly moved to the full down position which control inputs had little effect. My Saitek X-52 works perfectly with all other aircraft. I did receive an answer from Just Flight acknowledging the issue without offering any corrective suggestions. After more than a year nothing has changed so I don't fly the 1-11 which until then was one of my favorites in it's many iterations. Warren
  9. I have learned that almost anything is possible but for now still working. More testing today. Warren
  10. Hi all Not sure but I may have fixed this issue. I found one of my add-on airports which has a separate land class folder accompanying it and I had the LC folder above the airport folder. I switched them and now no "hung device" error. Why disabling all the add-on air[ports did not fix this I'm not sure hence my hesitancy to conclude that this is fixed but I have flown for perhaps 45 minutes going in an out of VR without any issues. I'll do additional flights to confirm. After whining all day about the problem and thinking about all sorts of additional work the solution may in fact have been quite simple. Exactly why this occurred is puzzling but it seems there is a lot to be said about the concept of "test and verify" More to follow I'm sure. Thanks everyone Warren
  11. I tried disabling all add-on scenery including Orbx and reducing all sliders to 0 or minimum and I get exactly the same error at the same time when I try to disable the VR - Oculus Rift. Pretty much out of ideas.
  12. I tried the the disc cleanup but no luck - same error at exactly the same time. To be clear my P3D does not crash. The only problem I have is in selecting "disable VR". Beyond that that the Sim is smooth, good frame rates and no failures. Ive also returned my settings within the Sim to default but no change. I appreciate the help so far. Thanks Warren
  13. Hi I rolled back to a previous Nvidia driver which I knew to function correctly, which was 461.92 - unfortunately the same "hung device" window when I tried to disable VR. Thanks Warren
  14. Hi again all Incidentally, nothing comes up in the P3D error log which might help me zero in on the problem. Thanks Warren
  15. Hello all Ive been working through P3Dv5.1 trying different settings within the Sim - attempting to balance performance with visuals and FPS. Not long after installing V5.1 I started to receive the "Hung Device" window and that was according to LM related to Enhance Atmospherics being selected so my problem was fixed by simply turning it off. The Sim has been error free for a couple of months. Lately however when I select "disable VR" I consistently receive the same message- "Hung device" with the narrative about P3D closing etc. I am able to fly for as long as I wish, change aircraft and adjust settings as long as I don't try to disable VR. While operating, the sim runs smoothly with with good FPS - around 30. The type of aircraft doesn't seem to matter. I use a capable liquid cooled Alienware computer with GTX 1080 and Oculus Rift. My sliders are selected in the 50% range and my frame rate is set to 30 but regulated my the Nvidia control panel. I use most Orbx products. I've not had much luck posting a P3D question on the Oculus forum so I thought I would ask if anyone here has seen this Oculus / P3d issue and found a solution. Thanks Warren (aspen31)
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