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  1. HelloNot sure if this might help but believe it or not a while back I experienced heading problems because of a bad scenery .BGL file. It turned out to way down in the Caribbean and totally unrelated to areas I was flying in (Upstate NY and Northern Florida). My headings were about 120 degrees out, consistently. Eventually I was able to isolate the problem .bgl, and remove it -- everything was then normal. Tom Gibson over at calclassic.com was very helpful in finding the solution.Hope this helps.Aspen31
  2. Hi againTry opening FS at TNCM then open the map from the menu (under "World") which appears at the page top (or by pressing "alt"), find the green ILS symbol which should be depicted at TNCM (if there is an ILS) and move your mouse over it. That should produce the frequency information.Hope this helps.Aspen31
  3. HelloIf it is an AF2.bgl file put it in the scenery section of your new add on folder. There are other choices but this one allows you to have control to manage your scenery folders (add and delete etc)as your program develops and you gain experience. I believe the AFCAD controls parking / taxi routes, etc at your airport.Hope this helps.Aspen31
  4. HelloYou might try creating a new folder in the FS9/Addon Scenery called "TNCM" within which you create two subfolders entitled "scenery" and "texture". Assuming this package contains both types of files unzip the TNCM package which should reveal two folders, "scenery" and "texture". Open these files and under "edit" choose "select all" and copy all the files from scenery (should be ".bgl" files mostly) to your new scenery sub folder and all the "texture" files to your new texture sub folder. Start flight sim and choose "settings", then add area -- go to the "add on scenery" folder and select your new folder. Choose open and it will appear in the flight sim scenery library. Re start flight sim and that should be it. Hope I haven't confused you too much but that's essentially what I do. There is a good tutorial at a sit called "calclassic" and here's the address-- http://www.calclassic.com/index.htmlHope this helps.Aspen31
  5. HelloSame problem here and limited only to AVSIM. One download will work fine and within seconds the next won't work at all -- nothing but error messages -- regardless of the time of day or download.Aspen31
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