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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation Allcott. I think I got it now; it makes perfect sense. It's like when you drive a car you have to look far and if you look right under the hood, you end up correcting all the time. Thanks again everyone for the tips. When I get home today I'll start practicing.
  2. I am flying using the Saitek X52 System, witch includes throttle, joystick and built-in rudder in joystick.>Are you flying using the keyboard, or do you have a yolk, or>joystick for flying? >Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like>-M.Twain
  3. Hi Everybody,I am new to FS 2004 and to flying overall. I started with lessons to learn how to fly in the simulator using Cessna 172. But I
  4. Thanks everyone for the input. Where is the best place to purchase that device?
  5. Thanks for the video, it looks great. I'll probably get one; I just wanted to make sure it's safe before I made a purchase.>Grab my video and if you don't buy it after watching this,>then.... well, something....>>http://www.maxkraus.com/videos/UltimateTrackIR.zip
  6. Hello everybody,I am interested in purchasing TrackIR 4 to use with MS Flight Sim 2004 and have a few questions to users that have been using that product for some time. I apologize if those questions might seem very silly, I just don't know anything about Infrared Technology. Here are the questions:1. After using TrackIR for long periods of time (over 1-2 hours daily) do you experience any discomfort like headache, eye pains or anything else?2. Did you experience any decrease in vision or any vision problems due to Infrared light being emitted at your eyes during game play?I already spoke with Naturalpoint Tech Support and they seem very knowledgeable about their product, but I would like to hear some opinions from the actual users (customers) who purchased that product and used it for some time.Thank you,Vitek
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