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  1. Having problems with the merge I can get the 2D panel to work but I can't get any sound or the Virtual Cockpit to work. I have played around with add-on sound packages but still nothing.Does anybody have an easy to follow guide on how to complete the merge please ?
  2. I have owned the 744 and 744F for nearly a year and never had a problem till now. When I first downloaded it I also downloaded the British Airways, Global Supply Sysstems, FedEx, Cargolux and Malaysian liveries. All installed and worked perfectly.Last week I decided to download the Emirates SkyCargo livery. I installed it as normal but it didn't appear in the drop down menu in FS9. Thinking I may have accidently downloaded the FSX version I uninstalled and downloaded again making sure it was the FS9 version. Still it wouldn't appear so I checked the aircraft cfg and the livery was present.I contacted PMDG and they sent me a new cfg file but this didn't correct it. I then uninstalled all the liveries and the base packages for the 744 and 744F. Following a reinstall I opened FS9 and then in the drop down menus all my old liveries were there even though I hadn't installed them however they just appeared as grey 747's.I have tried other liveries such as Cathay Pacific from PMDG and also some of the repaints from Avsim but the only liveries I can make work are the original liveries.I am now at a loss as to do next. I noticed in my account that my original download link for the base packages has expired could this have something to do with it ?Anyway I know this is a bit long winded but please any advice from anyone now would be so much appreciated as I am now desperate - I only want to fly the 747 with the correct liveries.Thanks Andy.
  3. Every time I use the ADD Scenery section for new scenery FS9 looses it the next time I start up. For some reason it won't remeber that I have added the scenery. Also it will no longer remeber the order I loaded files up in in the priority setting, it is becoming more and more frustrating having to re add the scenery I need and restart FS9 in order for it to work.Does anybody have any ideas for a solution ?
  4. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I can't get the Number 3 engine reverser to map to my CH throttle quadrant. The other engines work fine and they are all set up the same, any ideas ?Also I can't seem to be able to map a key press to activete the strobes again any ideas ?Many thanks, Andy.
  5. If I use the mod will I lose the 2D cockpit for the freighter ?? If so is that the only difference between using the mod and without the mod.
  6. Hi everyone, does anybody know yet if there is going to be a freighter version for the PMDG 747 and if so when is it likely to be available ?
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