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  1. There doesn't seem to be an option to brief for a monitored approach in the approach brief phase. I understand that this particular airline might not change PF and PNF for CAT II/III procedures but should there not be some change in procedure from the bog standard ILS? Should there be an 'alert height' callout at 50ft? Is this an Airbus procedure? At the moment there seems to be no difference in selecting CATII/III over CAT I in the approch brief.Cheers
  2. For the LDS767 for fsx, do you think you could an option to call 'visual' while on a ILS approach. This is in the PMDG 747 version and is a really good detail. It could be linked to the secondary button - or perhaps better as a hidden click spot somewhere on the pannel. Perhaps add this as an update to the FS9 version as well...?Many thanks for some great products!
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