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  1. djep1956

    concorde vertical speed oscillations

    I have had that problem before but I found it was caused by not having flown the bird correctly. Try doing the tutorial flight and following to the letter. That way you will learn how to fly her properly, she needs to be treated with respect.Regards Dave
  2. djep1956

    FSX Vista

    Your lucky.I run FS9 on a new Vista machine and while I am preparing for a flight in 757 usually while loading the fmc fs9 crashes just before windows error message pops up saying " buffer overrun detected". so far this is the only plane that causes it. PIC 737 OK, LD767 OK,PSS Concorde OK, Still to test PSS 777 PMDG 747. Any Ideas what I can do. My old much inferior spec PC ran them all OK just with less clear graphics.
  3. djep1956

    PMDG 747 and Vista

    Sorry I have made a mess of attachments so I give up now. But contact me through here if I can help . Dave:-)
  4. djep1956

    PMDG 747 and Vista

    Sorry the files have come as text I must have done something wrong. I will try again.Dave
  5. djep1956

    PMDG 747 and Vista

    Hi Ryanyes that is what I have done turned off UAC. But anyway if you see my last post I have it sorted now. I have sent Aerosoft the solution that worked for me. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. I have some screenshots of what I did if anyone wants too know. See attachedRegardsDave
  6. djep1956

    PMDG 747 and Vista

    Hi Gerrythanks for that, but I did all that & it did not work. But I tried something else which did work. I dont know why it did because I have user accounts turned off. What I did in addition to all the other steps you and others have told me was to set all the same settings again but this time for the other users button below in the compatability tab. In addition on both sections I disabled "visual themes" "desktop composition" & "display scaling on DPI settings" Hey presto as soon as I clicked on "run as administrator" it worked. Its taken 3 weeks to get to this. Mine is also a HP dektop.I hope others who may have trouble will find this, & find it useful.Regards and thanks.Dave
  7. djep1956

    PMDG 747 and Vista

    Hi I am also having the same problem I tried all that has been said on here the PMDG site & Aerosoft none of them have an answer. It was after I had the 744 & FS2crew that I decided my old PC was not good enough for the task so I bought myself a new one, but could not get one with XP. I sure hope someone can find an answer. I wonder if anyone has had the 744 running on Vista yet.Regards Dave
  8. djep1956

    747 400 & Vista

    Thanks Craig but I have read all that & tried it, nothing works.
  9. djep1956

    747 400 & Vista

    It gives me a message that it cannot open a security module sometimes. Or sometimes I get a spinning disc on the curser then nothing happens after several minutes. But I can hear the cd spinning in the drive & then that will also stop.
  10. djep1956

    747 400 & Vista

    Hi, I have read all I can find both in this forum & PMDG web site about installing PMDG 747 400 aerosoft CD version, but I can not get it to install into my new Vista PC. I disabled user account control, I tried it in both XP compatability mode & windows 2000 mode. All with no luck. Its the only one of my many add-ons that will not install. I contacted aerosoft & all they could suggest was what I have already done. Has anybody got any ideas? ( apart from going back to XP) Thanks in advance for any help offered.