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  1. Hi LeeThanks for your reply i will try tonight,I was not entering the runway heading as you saidThanksmark
  2. HI allIam trying some sort flight around LEMG and iam not putting a full flightplan in the FMC, Just to get used to fly the 747-400.I try to add the ILS freq 109.90 into Line 4L but i get "invalid entry".Can you please help me with thisthanksmark
  3. Hi againI would just like to add.The only setting that i have put in to the FMC are once for the flightplan, With other Add-ons (Level-D)this is get my flying do i need to put more info into FMC just to fly using LNAV??Mark
  4. Hi allI am very new to 747-400x and i am having some trouble with the LNAV,At the moment all i want to do is fly using the LNAV not the VNAV.I make a flightplan in fsbiuld and then export to the flightplan folder.I load the flightplan in the FMC clear all the flightplan Discontinueds.Just after take off i push the left AP and FD, set the ALT and then push the VS and then the LNAV button the plane fly to the first waypoint but then the flightplan does not move on and the aircraft just keeps try to get back to the first waypoint(IT NOT IN A HOLD).when the Aircraft get to the first waypoint the FMC just stays at that waypoint and does not move on to the next.Any help would be greatMark Iam running Vista 32bit/FSX+sp1 on an AMD6400+ 8800GT
  5. Hi TomThe reason i came back to Avsim is that i am thinking of buying Wilco's 737 PIC for FSX/Vista and would like to know if it is any good,I wasted my money on Airbus Vol-1 and am not sure if to use Wilco again.At the moment iam fly Level-d for FSX I need to fly some short flight again.My spec isAMD 6400+Nvida 8800 GT 2 gig of memThank mark
  6. HiSorry for being so dumI have no problem Login to .net or using the file library so iwill leave it at that. thanks
  7. Hi TomIam logded onto AVsim.net at the moment not AVsim.comWhen i try to logon to AVSIM.com i get "Cookie problem"IS .net and .com the same think??mark
  8. Hi AllI know this is not the forum to ask this qustion but!,About 6 mounths ago i used to use this forum for asking FSX qustions and i always got the reply i was looking for.What is the differents between AVSIM.com and AVSIM.net?I can login to AVSIM.net but not AVSIM.comThanks for any help with this..Mark
  9. Ryan thanks for your quick reply,This good news as i have FSX on my system already,Will i have any trouble if i need to uninstall FS9 and leave FSX on my system as is.Thanks again mark
  10. Hi allIam sure this has been ask alot but can i run FSX and FS9 on the same PC??I have vista and FSX on my C:drive and would install FS9 on my e:drive as i have some addon's that will not work on FSX.thanksmark
  11. Hi alli am think of upgrading my PC,do you think i will get better FPS if i upgrade from a AMD4200+ to AMD6000+ i have just put a 8600gts in and i have 2GIG of ram,when using FSX and flying Level-D with Mega Airport LondonHeathrow X,i only get about 7-9FPS on takeoff from EGLL.Thanks for any help you can give
  12. Hi allIam using Captain Sim 757 and i do not get very good FPS,When landing at an Airport i only get about 7 FPS,I have Traffic from JustFlight install but no other addons,If i use a FSX 737 i will 20+FPSI use medium setting and about 30% trafficMy question is I am think of buying LevelD,Will i get poor FPS with this like i do with Captain Sim757 or will thay be ay better??System isAMD 4200+2 Gig memXFX8600GTSThanks for any help Mark
  13. Thanks for your help with this,I am going to download tonight and give it ago.I will post and let people know how i get on.
  14. Thanks paul for the reply,I am running an AMD 4200+2gigNidva 8600gtsdo you think it will be playable on this systemwhat FPS do you think is will get with med settings??mark
  15. Hi allCan some tell me i can inport my flightplans that i made in FSX into the FMC of levelD before i buy.?????Thanks Mark
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