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  1. Yea I did the power management thing a looooong time ago when I first heard about that. I believe its a PMDG NGXu thing because it works with all of my other aircraft from A2A and the other PMDG as well, it's just with the NGXu that seems to have those problems. I know if i go over to the PMDG forum it's gonna "not be there fault or problem" and I didn't feel like getting blasted over there so I thought I would see if anybody here had any ideas. As far as what gear I'm using it's self made panels using generic switches and the LEO boards. The delay last about 20 seconds and then everything gets caught up and all the switches click in the order that I switched them in about a 1-2 second time frame, sounds like a machine gun going off in the cockpit when it happens. Anyway any ideas of what to look for will be very appreciated, thank you for your response.
  2. So I've done some programming with the NGXu and it seems that at times it loses synch, I'll try and explain. all of my switches are programmed out through LINDA and work when looking at it through LINDA. When I sync it to P3D NGXu all of my switches start to work, this is all as expected. But, after a little bit (a few minutes) my switches stop working for a couple of minutes. Now after I get confused and then frustrated they will start working again and its a blast of cockpit switches flipping around in the sim, basically all the switches I flipped and in the order that I flipped them. once all that has happened and keep in mind that once the switches stopped working I started I started flipping the sim switches with the mouse so now some of the switches are now working in reverse. (sim fuel switch ON, real switch OFF, flip real switch to ON and sim switch flips to OFF, they will not sync) So in short: 1) LINDA stops transmitting signal problem one. 2) LINDA will not re-sync I have done some trouble shooting, such as I have run the same flight with both the NGXu and the NGX and with the NGX it works great still. and with the NGXu it as all of these problems. Any help with this would be totally cool.
  3. So I have fallen in love with this program, it is by far the best program I have ever used for assigning switches to any flight sim, thanks. Now for my question, I am using a Leo Bodnard 32 card but I am needing to add another card and was wondering if there was a different one that I could purchase that would be able to send and receive data and would Linda software be able to do this from the software side? ex: "lower" landing gear and then get the "three green" gear down indication. I'm not Linda can do this, I have done several searches and could not find anything, it may have been answered before but I can't seem to find the answer. I'm also curious as to what cards others are using in general. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from others. Ryan
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