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  1. Lots of VATSIM negativity here.... For what its worth, I find it simply amazing. I'm fairly new to flying online, but it has been a real experience. Thanks to all the folks (like 99%) that make it so valuable.-george
  2. Hi Marcelo,Any chance for an 800-WL version?Thanks!George
  3. Hi Steve!I think this scheme is just awesome. If you find the time, could you possibly make up a version for the 800-WL model? I'd really appreciate it.If its alright by you, I might steal this scheme for a future R/C project LOL.Regards,George
  4. One thing: did you by chance relocate any of your document /pictures/music directories etc? This is notorious for breaking installers.-George
  5. Hi Todd, thanks for the reply.Ok, so I'm clearly not understanding my VOR navigation correctly. So then, if I wanted to find the radial to fly outbound, I have to take the heading given to me in the nav log, and apply the local variation... ... no actually what you are saying is I should look at the d*mn enroute chart and see what the radial is for J79 rather than calculating it from the nav log. Gotcha hehe.My R/L PPL is a glider rating so my VOR is really rusty lol. Thanks again!
  6. Hi all,Quick scenario, create a flight plan IFR using High Alt from Key West Int (KEYW) to Space Coast Reg (KITX). Find Route will give you something like this:KEYW EYW (VOR) -D-> CARNU (waypoint) J79etc...The airway from EYW to CARNU is J79. The Flight planner will give you a heading of 042 for this leg (42 miles). However, on the actual chart (http://skyvector.com) you can see that this airway is on the 037 radial outbound from EYW. A database error you say? Well maybe, but if you actually fly the 042 radial outbound from EYW, you will quickly deviate south of your course as shown on the GPS.So here's my (somewhat obtuse) question... Why does the Nav Log generated by the flight planner give an inaccurate heading on this leg? Has anyone else stumbled on this problem? Am I simply simple?Help! and thanks,George
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