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  1. >Wow! thanks! Just what I was looking for.I use this myself. In real life, this is where they park these birds. But i use 'em where i want them anyways. ;-))
  2. Go to http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID...4ai&DLID=104629 and this is the package for Whiteman AFB in Missouri where all B-2's are stationed.
  3. That was it, Holger! Thank you! Here's what it looks like now.....http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185175.jpg
  4. >Hi there,>>actually, it's not just the fence the barn itself is also not>displaying its full detail. Basically, what you're seeing is>the lower level mipmaps of the textures, which don't resolve>the fine detail of the fence and barn.>>Do you have your global texture resolution slider set to>maximum?>>Cheers, HolgerI'm not sure on the global texture settings being maxed. I'll go check and get back with you. Thanks for your response!
  5. I use both EZ Scenery and Instant Scenery to place objects in my personal scenery. I have FS9.My problem is with a default barn. I have a screen shot attached. The fence on the back side of the barn is all gobbledy gooked up. I don't know what happened.According to the Instant Scenery program, the file is called ag_barn_3 and located in scenery/generic/scenery and has a tag following it that says;f214ae09-5de8-4ab1-bc22-5a3a210c7b75Any help for me to get this texture to be the way it's supposed to be would be appreciated.Attached picture below...http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185108.jpg
  6. I've been using this neat little program by Martin Gleeson and it works great except for one thing.After you create the ILS approach and insstall the bgl file, there's nothing in the airports list of the airport ILS you modified. All there is is the airport ident. No airport name, city or state (or country). Is there a way to modify something to get that info to reappear?What i'm saying is that you can find the airport in the simulator airports list but the only thing that shows is the ident.
  7. >Hi,>>You need to turn on PITOT heat with the shift/h keys. Your>PITOT tube is freezing up and airspeed drops to zero.>>Thanks,>JimOk, thanks for the tip. I guess after 2 years i should know that but we all learn at different paces, i guess.
  8. When i set my weather (default weather) to heavy rain or snow, the aircraft (doesn't matter which either) loses the auto pilot speed setting. For instance, i'll be flying at 280 ias and the indicator all of a sudden goes to zero. I cant control the speed via auto pilot and, obviously, i overshoot the airport on final at high speed. I can set the auto pilot speed to whatever and it doesn't take. If i clear the weather or set the rain to light or medium, i don't ave this problem.Anyone have this little bug happen? I don't set my weather like that very much but it would be nice to fly in a torrential rain storm. lol
  9. Seems to have been caused by my EZ-Scenery for some reason. I have FS9 installed on an external drive and EZ was on the internal drive and there was a conflict even with the external drive being on at the time. Weird.
  10. Seems to have fixed it. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Ive been having this problem since Saturday. Everytime i try to start FS9, i get the error message and the following words on the details section;AppName: fs9.exe AppVer: ModName: d3d9.dllModVer: 5.3.2600.2180 Offset: 0003a46bI've searched the forum, Googled it, read even more and the only thing i get out of my problem is downloading and reinstalling DirectX 9. So, i did. It don't work still. I still get the message (error)I don't have anything snazzy on FS9 other than EZ Scenery. Bunch of freeware aircraft an scenery.I'm at my wits end. If i can't get this to work, i guess it's bye-bye simming.
  12. >After a bit of research I found a page listing the specs for>the motherboard in your computer:>http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...uct=388433#N357>Take a look at the diagram and pic of the board... you have>neither PCI-e or AGP add-on capabilities. Your only choice is>a standard PCI card in one of the available slots.>>The 845GV chipset of your motherboard has what Intel calls>"Multiplexed AGP interface"... which doesn't mean a whole lot>with regard to performance/IQ. Even if you spent $100 on a>high end PCI video card you may or may not see much/any>improvement.>>Sad to say your system is not a gaming machine, as is often>the case with bundled computers. As well, it has a very>limited upgrade path at this point in time.>>Hope this helps (a little... sorry for the bad news),I was afraid of that. So, buying a card would be a waste of money for me. I guess i'll forget that and just put in a new hard drive.I bought this thing in 2004 and had no computer experience. I'm alright with it nowadays but i'm absolutely green when it comes to hardware.Thanks for the help and answers.
  13. >Make sure you check what video adapter slot your motherboard>is equipped with. Newest technology is PCI-E. but older>systems have AGP.>>Both work fine, but the video card has to match..I went into my device manager to Display Adapter and it said this;PCI bus 0, device 2, function 0So, i'm good on the PCI part. Now, is this the same as PCI-Express or is that yet a different type?
  14. >Make sure you check what video adapter slot your motherboard>is equipped with. Newest technology is PCI-E. but older>systems have AGP.>>Both work fine, but the video card has to match..Ok.My computer is a late 2003, early 2004 HP/Compaq model. So, i'm sure it falls in the new technology slot. I'll be looking into the chassis in the coming month to find out what i have.
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