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  1. Thanks folks, the reassurances are much appreciated. I don't think I will partition though.
  2. Having returned to flight sim after around a 5 year break, I have installed FSX along with a few addons. 737, Airbus and 767 etc. I have a fairly well specced PC and seem to get the 20fps that it is preset to by default. However, I am sure this 20fps is acheived at a price and my visuals etc are suffering. This is not too bad flying at 30,000 feet when there isnt much to see. But as I am interested in general aviation as well, I thought installing FS2004 to use for that sort of thing. Is this a good idea? will they coexist happily. I bought FS2004 when it first came out, just didnt install it. I think what I am trying to do is find out what route people with more experience would take.
  3. Thank's Craig and other folk. This problem is still eluding me. I have tried everything mentioned short of a full re-install. It's not stopping me using the controllers, just inconvenient.
  4. I tried that and exactly the same. I get the very first Flight Sim flash screen for a second then desktop when any of the Saitek Pro gear is in. I might just do a full FS reinstall and see if that fixes it.
  5. I found it and deleted it. Let it rebuild another cfg. Then tried after just plugging rudders in. Same problem. I am starting to pull my hair out.Rob
  6. I have a fairly new installation of FSX upgraded to SP1 running on Windows XP. This weekend I bough the new Saitek yoke as well as rudder pedals and an X52 stick. Whenever any of these items are plugged into the USB, FSX refuses to boot up. I get a quick flash as it tries then nothing. Remove them from the USB port and FSX starts fine. I can then plug them in and all is ok. Anyone any ideas?
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