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  1. >>I'm running FS9 across 3840x1024 in addition to panels on a>>24" at 1920x1200 with all sliders at max and get no>>slowdowns.>>>>Have my frames locked at 30fps.>>And what is your system?E6850, 4GB RAM (XP so just over 3GB in use), 8800GTX.
  2. Except that quad cores offer little more performance wise to FSX than a dual core...
  3. I'm running FS9 across 3840x1024 in addition to panels on a 24" at 1920x1200 with all sliders at max and get no slowdowns.Have my frames locked at 30fps.
  4. I'd only mean for me to use it, not distribute it anywhere else.
  5. Is there a new firmware to solve the power issue - new there was one to change the default single screen to the centre (rather than left) but wasn't aware of any other changes available...
  6. I back up personal data regularly but don't see the point backing up, for example, my current installation of FSX since I have the originals and can just reinstall it - granted at the cost of time.Unless you also back up your entire Windows install then, in the event of a failure, that FSX backup is not really going to be of much benefit anyway without all the registry keys relating to it and the addons so you'd be forced to reinstall over the top anyway.
  7. I switched over to the free version of Avast after AVG started giving me false positives when I was playing Bioshock, actually disabled the .exe and had to reinstall the game.Have stuck with Avast since - it also has the option to not automatically scan selected directories/files etc. so I can set it to ignore the FSX folder so it's not scanning every single scenery file that's loaded like some other scanners.Used to use Kaspersky but didn't like the fact that it tagged every single file that it read with it's own data - you'll know if you try to copy a file to another device, it will warn you that it will lose this extra data.
  8. Is it possible to use payware/freeware aircraft as static placements at an airport/airstrip?What I'd like to be able to do is decide upon a 'home-base' location and then, with suitable tools, place static aircraft there (from my payware/freeware 'fleet'), all nicely lined up or parked near the runway so I can walk around my collection.Even better would be to start a flight from the real model at it's parked location. Or, even better, to be able to jump into each aircraft from where they are parked...Any developers out there or existing developments allow me to do anything approaching this...?
  9. A 1080p TV would be equivalent to something like a 24" panel at 1920x1200 - the monitor being better actually.There are quite a few people around here using 24" (or even better 30" at 2560x1600 panels) - I have a 24" myself.Yep, very sharp and a great screen. TV panels will obviously be physically bigger but no better in terms of resolution.
  10. Are these the digital TH2Go. I know I have a similar issue with mine.It'd to do with the USB power. Some motherboards provide power on the USB conection even when the PC is in soft off, others don't.When powering on the PC, because of the partial power on the USB it may be that the TH2Go box is in an odd state and then doesn't initialise properly.The solution for my setup is that I need to disconnect and reconnect the USB connection to my TH2Go before powering the PC in order to reset the TH2Go state.An alternative would be to hang the TH2Go off a powered USB hub and then turn that off properly, a powered USB hub on a monitor should do the same trick.Better would be if the motherboard allowed you to enable/disable power on USB connections when in soft off - some do, some don't.
  11. Nope, rather stick with my TH2Go and 3 x 19" for 3840x1024 - easy to pack away as well...They'd be better off building it with three standard flat panels butted together. The curve is not going to be supported from a perspective point of view in games and so is just a gimmick resulting in the extra price from having to use DLP projection.
  12. It always used to be the case that windowed mode didn't use all the features of your graphics card.Could be that the DX10 features active when in full screen are simply not working when in windowed mode and therefore, without the extra processing, the FPS increases...
  13. They may be physically bigger but, in terms of resolution, don't beat the 30" panels at 2560x1600
  14. Well, it is digital so technically a better signal throughput and the bezel management can simply be toggled on and off with a hot key.To be honest, I don't use it on mine. Bezels are small enough that it doesn't really bother me anyway and the brain seems to compensate for it anyway and ignores the step.
  15. It can't prevent the loss of view from the extreme sides - to do so it would need a larger output than 3840x1024 presented to it in the first place to get that extra information...
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