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  1. I am using FSX, flying a Boeing 777-200LR.I have used the FlightAware format coordinates in SimRoutes many times before and it has worked. For some reason, this one route isn't being recognized by the sim at all.I'll keep trying and periodically report in.Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone,I recently decided that I wanted to replicate the Boeing 777-200LR's record breaking flight (Hong Kong to London flying eastbound). So I go to SimRoutes.com and create a rough route based on information that I have obtained, however when I select this flight in the flight planner, nothing happens, and the flight plan isn't loaded. What could be wrong? I have posted the contents of the .pln file below.[flightplan]title=VHHH to EGLLdescription=VHHH, EGLLtype = IFRroutetype = 3cruising_altitude=37000departure_id=VHHH, N22* 18.54', E113* 54.88', +000028.00destination_id=EGLL, N51* 28.65', W0* 27.68', +000080.00departure_name=Hong_Kong_Chek_Lap_Kokdestination_name=Heathrowwaypoint.0=VHHH, A, N22* 18.54', E113* 54.88', +000000.00, waypoint.1=3500N 18000W, I, N35* 00.00', W180* 00.00', +000000.00, waypoint.2=SFO, V, N37* 37.17', W122* 22.43', +000000.00, waypoint.3=LAX, V, N33* 55.99', W118* 25.92', +000000.00, waypoint.4=JFK, V, N40* 37.97', W073* 46.28', +000000.00, waypoint.5=EGLL, A, N51* 28.65', W000* 27.68', +000000.00, Thanks very much in advance!
  3. My opinion is E8400 will outperform the E6750 considering there is more cache (6 MB vs. 4 MB), and 45nm vs. 65nm meaning more overclockability, and a higher clock speed (3.0 GHz vs. 2.4 GHz) But if the E8400 is not available, then the E6750 won't be that much worse than an E8400.Regards,
  4. Here ya go.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/186002.txtRegards,
  5. I'm glad you're happy with it. My 3DMark06 score is in my sig: I say average because I conducted 2 tests since one of them was running at the wrong time. But that's my 3DMark number and I'm very proud of it :D.FSX is a dream with one ain't it?Glad you're happy!P.S., don't forget to change your sig ;)Have fun,
  6. >You will get slightly better performance out of an 8800GTS.Out of an 8800 GTS 512, yes, but the 8800 GT beats the 320/640 MB 8800 GTSs.
  7. RAM will help, but in my opinion, the whole system needs an upgrade. the AMD 64 3400+ is a single core, meaning more stutters/blurries. 1 GB of RAM is not enough; FSX likes 2, FSX+Vista likes 4, and it's a slow RAM. DDR2 is today's standard, especially DDR2-800. The 6800 GT is not bad, but you are being limited by your AGP bus.Forget that ranting, I just read the bottom of your post :D. But yes, faster and more RAM will help very much. If you have XP, 2 GB will suffice. But the other components will be a bottleneck; you can have 16 GB of DDR3-1866 RAM if you wanted (and if your motherboard supported it), but the CPU, especially for FSX, will still be the bottleneck. Please check out the link on my sig to see my advice, and please leave a comment if you liked it!Regards,
  8. I have an HDTV and an 8800 GT. I know that you can take out the 8800 GT from the computer and plug it into the TV. What happens/what can you do with the TV/Video Card when you do this?
  9. Hi,There are some details missing. What is your video card and operating system? Those can also make a difference.So far, you are all right, but I recommend Intel's Quad Core Q6600. It has a wonderful price/performance ratio. 2 GB of RAM is good if you are using a 32-bit OS, especially DDR2-1066. If you really want advice, check out the link in my sig.Regards,
  10. You made a good choice.I have the 8800 GT Superclocked by EVGA, which is just about 10 MHz slower than this one. It very much is better than a 6800 XT: check this out!http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=544&card2=359# (OC the 8800 to 660/970.I was disappointed when they lowered the price of the GTS 512 after I bought my GT, and that too by about $60, but this GT is on par with one; it's overclocked by a large amount. The quad copper pipe cooling is impressive too. Welcome to the realm of the power of the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT! :)
  11. -SNIP->An example of a NON answer>...I was replying to Lenny.As for your question, the ATi cards do not give good VSync, that is definitely a game issue. nVidia cards give better performance, but the drivers make the flashing taxiways/lines appear. That is nVidia's problem.BoeingGuy
  12. If you want good AA and AF at that resolution, the 8800 GTX is better. It beats the 3870 X2 at high resolutions with AA and AF cranked up, I read an ExtremeTech benchmark on it:"It seems the 3870/X2 just cannot keep up with nVidia at high resolutions with AA and AF cranked up." Is what I think they said. And, on NewEgg.com, an EVGA 8800 GTX Superclocked is about the same price, if not cheaper, than an X2.BoeingGuy
  13. Is it OK to install these now WHQL certified drivers on to my 8800 GT? Will it help and will it work?Thanks,BoeingGuy
  14. Hi,The Quadro FX 3400 is a workstation graphics card; even though the specs may seem powerful, they are meant for working, not gaming, therefore an equivalent 6800 will give better performance. What OS do you have? Vista or XP? That can affect graphics card choice. Check out my guide athttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...35389&mode=fullHope this helps!Regards,BoeingGuy
  15. There will be at least a 5-10 FPS increase, if not more: http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=551&card2=557#If you overclock the 9600 GT to 740 Core and 975 Mem, which are the clock speeds of the SSC version, there is a BIG difference. More memory bandwidth means better performance with more advanced options checked, like anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing.Here is a 3DMark06 graph showing two stock 8800 GS (384 MB) and the 9600 GT: http://img3.pconline.com.cn/pconline/0801/...ark06_thumb.jpgSo you can see it performs slightly better. If you come here to the main review: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/08/01/14/n...e-9600gt-review you can click on the other games at the bottom of the page to display other graphs of other well-known/played games. But remember, these are stock speed clocks. Even an XFX 8800 GS XXX does not come CLOSE to the 9600 GT SSC, that is, if you are planning on getting an SSC version.No problem, I am happy to help.Let me know how it works out,BoeingGuy
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