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  1. Thanks for replying, but the messages says that as its the first time of running, the sim shouldn't be running. thanks, Rory
  2. Hi all, I have just downloaded and installed the demo version for P3Dv4.2. I have installed it to the default location as suggested. When I try to run the program, I get a message telling me that as its the first run, the language wizard will direct me to where I can download English United States version. I click ok and then nothing else happens. I have managed to install this language anyway now but when I run MCE I still get the same message and I can't proceed any further. The sim is not running while I am trying to do this. I am using Win 10 54 bit. Any suggestions? Rory
  3. Ok Ray, many thanks, if I get no reply to the email I sent then I will contact Doug. Rory
  4. Hi guys, I'm a long time user of RCv4. I have two copies, one on CD and a download one. I have been trying to obtain a new key to enable me to install into P3Dv4 but my requests keep getting bounced back telling me I have alpha characters in the request. I am sending my requests by email and have been entering the long string of letters along with the product id along with the ! marks and I'm pretty sure they are all correct. Just to note, I have not installed into P3D as yet, but been requesting the key by entering the info saved from my earlier installs. It couldn't be more simple to do and maybe that's why its going wrong. I am entering like the following example.... LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL These being the long string of letters. NNNNNNNNN ! Rory ! Hamer ! One of my product codes has a minus in front and I have put that too. I have sent a reply to one of the bounced back emails but not sure if its a monitored address or not. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rory
  5. Many thanks for the replies Chaps. JD, I'm sorry and shouldve read the faq more closely. Pete, will do! Pity she couldnt sing like Monique too!Rory
  6. Hiya Guys,I have tried three times to instigate holding patterns at my favourite airport of EGAC (Belfast City) and also at Manchester EGCC. I have ensured that "holding" is ticked in the "general" section. However nothing happens. I just receive vectors to final as usual. I am flying regional flights in the Majestic Dash 8, cruising altitiude 200. Am I missing something? Is there anything else I need to do? I did read somewhere either on the forum on in the manual that if you choose holding then you will always be held.Cheers,rory
  7. Thanks for the reply. I didnt know that, knew they used to be British European, I think. Well that explains the callsign.rory
  8. Hiya all,Noticed last night that flybe aircraft are addressed as Jersey rather than flybe and also that Flybe doesnt appear in the list of Airlines. Is it possible to add this or is there a reason why they're called Jersey? They are a major european carrier after all!Regards,Rory
  9. >Hi Rory,>>Up in th'ills eh? :-wave I'm in Cheadle Hulme.>>If you want to visit just give me a shout. Hope you're>enjoying RC and not incurring the wrath of Bill Stevens ;-)>>Cheers,Hiya Ray, I've already had my licence suspended - twice! and thats just this week :+ But its entertaining all the same.rory
  10. >Ah, obviously coming from Barcelona prevented you from>watching Auntie's "Secret Army" - you know, it was the serious>version of "'Allo, 'Allo". :D Ludwig Kessler was one of the>main characters - the serious Herr Flick, you might say.>P.Ha ha, well spotted Sir! I'm about as old as Kessler was back then. I'm in a WW2 re enactment group around these parts and his is the uniform I wear :-) Happy flying!rory
  11. Hiya Ray and thanks for the reply. I'll look for it when I fire up my sim pc again! Oh, and I'm from Stalybridge! A few miles further out than you.Cheers,rory
  12. Hiya JD,I'm not sure, but I think the problem has cleared up. I did the flight again tonite and think I made a .log (however I cant seem to find it? When I click on debug, I can see the text doc relating to it but thats all!) But, this time, control initially assigned me to rwy 04 again but the later they changed it to rwy 22, which was the correct rwy! I think its now a case of seeing how things pan out. I do confess to feeling a bit dim about having difficulty in saving or locating the log though! Where does it normally save it to?Regards,Rory
  13. Hiya JD,Thanks for the reply. I will do as you ask, and I think I can follow most of the instructions but I'm not sure how to "zip" it up then send?rory
  14. Hi Sir, and thanks for the reply. I've again just flown into EGAC and RC ATC assigned me an ILS app to rwy 04, in good weather. When on final I can hear the controller assigning other aircraft to rwy 22. I'm landing into the path of other aircraft taking off. Does RC control the active runway or is it FSX that does this? On checking the atis, it confirmed the active was 04 and yet this clearly wasnt the case. I'm confused. This is just a straightforward flight, planned thru the FSX flight planner as I dont have another planner. Should I be disabling anything? I have already done as the FAQ says about hearing both the default and RC ATC voices (yet I keep hearing both!) I am using traffic 2005 also.Rory
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