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  1. There are only 2 entries in the scenery.cfg - FSAD_Navids and FSAD_Approaches, no SIDs so there appears to be something amiss. I have also checked the GPS at an airport included in the FSAD-PROC_SIDs Folder and there are only Approaches available to select again no SIDs. I will wait until the next Airac and see what happens when I update FsAerodata. George
  2. Hi Alex, If SIDs are meant to be there then they are not. Apart from actual scenery, there is only 'FSAD_Navaids' and 'FAD_Approaches' George
  3. When I select an airport and then select the procedures tab in the information window, no SIDs are displayed only approach procedures. Is this correct or should SIDs be also detailed? I have the latest airac cycle installed in P3D v4 from FsAerodata and Navigraph. FsAerodata Folder has two sub-folders under the P3D Folder - 'PROC' and 'PROC_SIDs' both with 'scenery' sub-folders and I have 3 files in the LN database - little_navmap_.sqlite, little_navmap_compiling.sqlite-journal & little_navmap_p3dv4.sqlite. George
  4. Thanks Alex for your reply. I actually sorted it out. I did not realise that there was an 'Update time Interval' in the Little Navconnect Options. I increased this to the maximum on the Flight Sim PC and that sorted the problem. I now have LN running on my remote PC. Great! George
  5. I am trying to get LN working properly on a PC remote from the one P3D v4 is running on. I have installed and set up LN correctly on the two PC's and managed to get LN on the remote to initially connect to the P3D info. with the Sim Aircraft showing and AI aircraft showing and moving but as soon as I take off, the LN display on the remote PC freezes and I get the following message on the Little Navconnect display on the Flying PC: "Dropped more than 50 packages. Reason Missing reply. Increase Update Time Interval." I have increased the Update Time Interval to the max 1000ms on the remote PC but I still get the error. Any thoughts please. George
  6. Thanks Mark,Downloaded and installed the latest SIDs from Navigraph but still no SIDs for KEWR. Could you check and see if you have any.George
  7. Having recently purchased the B757, I was planning a flight out of Newark on the CDU but discovered that there were no SIDS when I selected the Dep/Arr for KEWR. Is this correct and, if it is, can I update the Database and how?George
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