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  1. Has there been any more recent developments the past two weeks regarding new news coming out on v4?
  2. This exactly. I just can't bring myself to believe that PMDG would ever offer a free upgrade from 32 to 64 bit. In fact, I would be surprised that such an upgrade would be less than $40 or even more. I wonder how much this will effect 747 v3 sales? We can't be the only two people that are afraid of purchasing it with the fear of it being a paperweight when 64 bit comes out. I have cut off the purchase of all 32 bit payware purchases until we hear something on v4.
  3. I currently am still just flying FSX:SE, and don't plan on jumping into the costs of P3D yet since it seems to be in between development periods, especially with v4 on the horizon. I have so much hope for v4 being 64bit. The memory limitations of 32bit, and the poor coding that doesn't properly utilize computer hardware are plaguing the simulator. If LM can just move over to 64 bit, and hopefully enhance the coding further so that it more properly utilities computer hardware then I think it would be a fantastic improvement.
  4. The new scenery looks fantastic. Reading over everybody's comments brings such a huge issue to light that I really hope we see this year... the obvious need for 64 bit P3D. The OOM issues seem to put such a limitation on what our community is able to do right now.
  5. This is very exciting news. I have the XP11 beta, and have flown XP10 primarily the past year, but 64 bit P3D would be fantastic. I currently done own P3D, but I will just hold off on purchasing the current version until hopefully a 64 bit comes out. Hopefully we get some sort of information from LM soon regarding 64 bit regarding a timeframe. I imagine I will hold off purchasing any new addons until I see if anything comes of these 64 bit P3D rumors. I would hate to buy something now just to have to buy the new version or an upgrade fee when 64 bit comes out. It will be a huge advancement to not have to worry about OOMs anymore in the flight sim world.
  6. This is a beautiful plane! More great work from A2A. I love the polished metal look.
  7. Did it not spin in XP10 either? Or you just try in XP11? That is interesting.
  8. The good problem for you guys is that whatever you make we will all buy. No matter what the project is, we all know it will be high quality so it will be purchased regardless if it was initially on the wish list or not! :wink:
  9. This exactly. I realize that a very functional shared cockpit program is difficult to make, but who better in the flight simulator world to do that then PMDG, which is the cream of the crop? I know they could do a great job with it just like all of their other products.
  10. I wholeheartedly hope you are right. I am so ready for some PMDG moves into X-plane. The DC6 was fantastic. Hopefully they will move the NGX or 747 first.
  11. One thing to look into would be running a project magenta system into plane. I think they are very well respected in the home cockpit field, and I believe their system runs into basically all of the standard sims (FSX,P3D,Xplane). I would highly suggest X-plane 10. I picked it up a year ago from FSX and couldn't be happier. http://www.projectmagenta.com
  12. I took the time to go onto your website and look at the 98-2002 comparisons. The first sim I played was 2002, so I missed the transition from 1998. The transition from 1998 to 2002 is absolutely amazing. It is really impressive that there was that much of a leap in the course of 4 years in the quality of the scenery.
  13. Train, If you do some searching, you will find many freeware sceneries out there for many different airports that are generally pretty good. In regards to land class type data that would be handled with mesh, I would fully agree with Humpty above regarding using the alpilotx HD mesh. Make sure when you go to install that that you set it at the lowest level in your scenery index so that it doesn't cover up any of the airports that you install. The easiest way to do this is just watch an installation video on youtube and you will see how you re-arrange the order in which XP 10 stacks the scenery layers.
  14. You haven't been able to have much success with the PMDG 737? What sort of hardware are you using in your build? If you are planning on using a lot of Flight Deck Solutions equipment then their proprietary avionics suite might be a good option to run on your build.
  15. Wow, very interesting. I would too be curious if that was actually the case here.
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