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  1. Thanks Chris, Bullet well and truly bitten - easy and quick at last. Slight hiccup when my copying put all the discs in one folder as intended, which gave me a copy of DVD1, and a separate merged copy of the other 4 discs (all same name). After the 'Run' of DVD1 it of course asked for DVD2 to be inserted - answer was to put the merged copy into the copy of DVD1, and all was then well. Of course you know this, but it might help others. Cruachan's reference in this forum to the FlightStore forum info is exactly what we all should have had in the package, methinks. Happy now ... Dave
  2. Thanks Chris I'll give it a go when I have more time. When you've made the copy, do you still just Run the exec which doesn't look like a .exe?
  3. See #12 and #16 above. Well robain's trick didn't work for me. Put the disc in and all I got was "Application not found". No idea where to go from here. Tried unzipping just one area from Disc 2 with a view to extracting direct to the Playsims Scenery folder but that was clearly going to take more than an hour for just one of several areas so I abandoned that.
  4. I have the problem on Win 7, 64 bit. I did persist with the slow install - 6 hrs in the end from disc 1, and then it never ended with a prompt for disc 2 ... I can see loads of .bgls which seem to be in the right place, but think i will now start from scratch with robain's change to the Autoplay in Control Panel. I guess if it works it should overwrite whatever did succeed. Lucky I saw all this from Mogget and co on the Scotflight forum, so thanks guys :wacko:
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