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  1. @jon b Yes, i'm now looking at TrackIR et al to see about having a 'free roam' head view to enjoy! I too noted that tendency but I can't help but think that it's a result of the simulator physics that the air brake is using a variable that cause that force around a moment on the aircraft, and not having the C152 to compare I'll take your word for it!
  2. Purchased myself at the weekend, after much looking at it, feel the same way! Whilst some have said its not worth the £60 I'd disagree, yes its not PMDG level of depth, I'd say its not lacking in it either! And its an immersive experince to fly and look at, i've even been won round by the effects on the wings and engines now its in my sim rather then a video. Throughly recommended,
  3. FMC seemed pretty functional to me - and i didn't use VNAV on the one proper flight i have done but from what i've seen TFDI have done alot of work from where they started - even if its not PMDG/Maddog level its currently what 1/4 or so of the price so i aren't fretting and hope by purchasing it encourages the guys to keep developing other aircraft
  4. Very highly recommended, i asked a question about going for either the Maddog or 717 about 2 years ago and ended up going with the Maddog - but with this weekends sale finally bought the 717 and i'm very glad i did - depth is great for the price, performance is good and of course a great trainer for when the MD-11 arrives!
  5. I think the airport itself looks marvellous, good clear textures and detailing on the buildings. My one wish is that the in game ATC arrangements had been changed - Its still a 'traffic' announced service rather then an interaction based ATC. I wouldn't have thought this was realistic for even this small International airport?
  6. Thanks all for the advice, had a little flight last night in the maddog to workout the basic autopilot-y bits and peices and get a feel for the old girl. What a treat! Going to download the latest Beta build when i get home this evening! If there's an X-mas sale i can see myself getting the 717 then after all the recommendations for that as well and the MD-11 comparisons Cheers James
  7. Thanks gents I’ve jumped in a got the maddog. Only thing is I’m struggling to find the livery manager in the load manager for p3d v4. Can any provide any advice on where to find it? thanks James
  8. Hi All, Long time simmer and lurker, first time poster here! I upgraded to P3D V4 a couple of months ago and have been updating my scenery and hanger with each paycheck and have now got to a point where i'm looking for my next aircraft that i haven't got and i'm looking for something not Airbus or Boeing. I am a study level flyer (finally got proper fsuipc recently to get down to the knitty gritty of multi-engine control!) and fly both Aerosoft A3XX professional and PMDG 737 and 747. I have seen the MD-82 and the 717 and was wondering which one to go for? I mostly fly in Europe so both would now be quite niche but i quite like that idea eg DAT flying MD-82 or the Volotea 717 plus using house liveries for private flights. My rig is a 6700k and 1070 so i would expect performance not to be an issue - the PMDG 747 flies like a beauty with Tomatoshade and rain effects. Thanks for any guidance James
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