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  1. Resolved !!! Not able to tell you what happened, but it seems to work from now , so.... Anyway, thank you... BugDani.
  2. Hello, A never ending story: Activate, activate, activate, etc ...... BugDani.
  3. Hello, for the very first time, I am totally unable to make PTA working with 4.2 ! I have to each time activate PTA and totally unable to apply any kind of preset. I have tried several time with 2.61 and even back to 2.60 but nothing is working here: errors, errors and errors. I'm a bit lost and I've seen I'm not alone in this case... Any kind of help is highly welcome... apologize for my poor english: I try to do my best.... BugDani.
  4. A wonderful freeware, thank you !!! BugDani.
  5. Thanks for answering, All these things are checked, but these two planes seems to have flat tires !? I think for an adherence parameter in P3D, am I wrong?
  6. Hi, Saab Safir from Sibwing and Zlin143 from Tibor KoKai are unable to accelerate enough for T/O and rwys are too short!!! (P3D3.5) BUT, if I use Y key to put them in flight, the two planes fly and land correctly. There is too much adherence on the RWY. Is there a trick to apply in the *.CFG ? Any idea? Bug.
  7. Hello, CH product here too, the yoke as the pedals! May be a problem with the USBs?
  8. Hello, Since W10, I have to disconnect and reconnect my yoke and pedals after each "starting" of Windows10. Windows say that my yoke and pedal work fine but in fact, it doesn't. After the dis/reconnecting of both USB, all working fine till the next restart of W10! Any advise will be welcome....
  9. Thanks, it work! I've already tried these lines, but unsuccefully. Anyway, thank you! Bug.
  10. Hello, Just strange! I have air and hyd. pressure ok and I also have animation of brakes on yoke but unable to move this bird even with max power. Any idea? Bug.
  11. Oui oui, il y a d'ailleurs une animation qui laisse peu de place au doute! J'ai les deux fichiers .air (2.1 et 2.3) mais le problème vient d'ailleurs... Tout fonctionne absolument normalement SAUF quand la vitesse est de Zéro !!! Même 0,01 km/h c'est bon!!! Mais quand je l'arrête il n'est plus capable de rompre l'inertie. J'ai l'indication de pression freins et l'animation de la manette de frein au volant, mais une fois arrêté, il ne redémarre pas! Une fois ou deux il est parvenu à se mettre à rouler, me laissant croire que j'avais trouvé, mais hélas, lorsque je l'ai arrêté à nouveau, il n'est plus reparti... Bug. (P3D2.5) Là, cette fois, je sèche
  12. Coucou, ...même gaz à fond, il ne bouge pas d'un centimètre! Il reste collé sur place! Si je le mets en vol artificiellement, et que je l'atterri, tout est OK jusqu'à l'arrêt (vitesse zero) mais si je remets alors les gaz: Même chose, il ne bouge plus! J'ai cherché partout mais je ne trouve pas de solution. Pression air ok Pression hydro OK Tout est OK! Si je change d'avion, je n'ai pas de problème! Strange, isn't it? bug.
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