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  1. Resolved !!! Not able to tell you what happened, but it seems to work from now , so.... Anyway, thank you... BugDani.
  2. Hello, A never ending story: Activate, activate, activate, etc ...... BugDani.
  3. Hello, for the very first time, I am totally unable to make PTA working with 4.2 ! I have to each time activate PTA and totally unable to apply any kind of preset. I have tried several time with 2.61 and even back to 2.60 but nothing is working here: errors, errors and errors. I'm a bit lost and I've seen I'm not alone in this case... Any kind of help is highly welcome... apologize for my poor english: I try to do my best.... BugDani.
  4. A wonderful freeware, thank you !!! BugDani.
  5. Thanks for answering, All these things are checked, but these two planes seems to have flat tires !? I think for an adherence parameter in P3D, am I wrong?
  6. Hi, Saab Safir from Sibwing and Zlin143 from Tibor KoKai are unable to accelerate enough for T/O and rwys are too short!!! (P3D3.5) BUT, if I use Y key to put them in flight, the two planes fly and land correctly. There is too much adherence on the RWY. Is there a trick to apply in the *.CFG ? Any idea? Bug.
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